Competition: Pet photo competition by Sainsbury’s Bank

Hi everyone,

There is an awesome competition (Deadline is the 29th of September) going on by Sainsbury’s Bank at the moment! All you have to do is enter a photo of your pet via their website for a chance to win Fujifilm X30 digital camera and three additional winners for a great £100 Sainsbury’s voucher. 😀

Click here for the competition.

Can you think of any particular photo of our cats that we should enter? 🙂

More tips for your own photo from the competiton page:

The competition will be judged by award-winning UK pet photographer Paul Walker. To help you along the way, here are Paul’s five top tips for photographing pets:

  1. For closer portraits, pick a camera angle that really shows the nice catchlights in the eyes of the pet. These will add personality to the pet and showcase its character more. If you are unsure, observe the pet and notice how the eyes seem better illuminated and have more sparkle from different angles.
  2. Think of the wider picture – what else could you include in the image, apart from the pet, to really add more narrative to it? It could be a section of the pet’s favourite room in the house, an interaction with their favourite toy, or a friendly greeting to one of the relatives. Pet pictures can really extend beyond the pet just sitting or standing with a neutral background behind them.
  3. It’s great to see a variety of different moments in a pet’s life – whether they’re running, sitting, standing, swimming, jumping, playing, or sleeping. The photo opportunities are endless, so think outside the box!
  4. Try and think of the ideal picture you want to take and see if you can make this happen, rather than relying on the pet and following it around endlessly in the hope that one of your photographs will be a success. Remember, you can always try to influence the scene by methods of persuasion – treats, noises and playtime all have their uses in pet photography.
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your camera. If you are new to photography and still learning, try the sport or action modes, as well as taking close-up images if it is safe to do so. Experiment with your angles, viewpoints and focus points, and remember to have fun. There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Remember that happy and healthy pets make the best photo subjects. Sainsbury’s Bank offer a range of useful pet guides, including information on pet health and wellbeing, pet insurance basics, rehoming a dog, and understanding your cat’s behaviours.

Oliver and Nubia Haiku

Good luck everyone!



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