Tips & Tricks: Holiday Tips

With the summer holidays in full swing, don’t forget that your cat may not be enjoying the fun as much as you. Here are some great tips, to make it a less stressful time.

The summer holidays means one thing. Kids everywhere!! If you have children then this is the time they will be spending long days at each others houses, but remember your cat isn’t likely to welcome the extra company! Make sure you have a nice quiet room, where they can stay in on their own away from all the hustle and bustle

When we do finally get some sun! Don’t forget that you cat can sunburn too!! Cats with white ears are especially at risk. A children’s factor 50 sun cream will last them the majority of the day

Summer holidays are the most popular time for holidays away. If you are putting your cat into a cattery make sure that his vaccinations are update and that you use a de-flea product about a week before you go to ensure he is safe and well when you’re away.  When full, catteries can be extremely noisy and stressful to your cat. Make sure you take a comforting thing from home to keep them calm. Frazzles bean bag goes with him everywhere! If you are going to have a cat sitter make sure that they are comfortable with the person before they go, and they are aware of their normal behaviors. I wouldn’t recommend a cat sitters for very stressy cats as they can find extremely uncomfortable to have an “intruder in their territory” more so than being in a cattery, where they will find it easier to adapt to their surroundings. Your cat will have many hidey spots in your home and the cat sitter may struggle to find him and check that he is ok.


Summer holidays can mean lots of day’s out/activities to keep your kids occupied. Changes in a cat’s routine again can cause great stress, so try to keep it as normal as possible. Try and keep feeding times the same and try not to disturb your cat’s normal sleeping patterns. If you have to leave your cat outdoors more than normal make sure there is a shelter to keep the rain and sun at bay. Trees normally do the job, but a sturdy piece of wood lent against the wall also works well. Make sure that you also leave clean fresh water outside for them at all times. If keeping your cat in more than normal again make sure there is plenty of clean fresh water and suitable room that is cool, if you have windows that have latches that you can open without risk of your cat getting out or that are not a home security risk, keep these open to allow fresh air to circulate. Most cats are not fans of fans!!!

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2 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks: Holiday Tips

  1. hallenterprises132 says:

    We have a strictly indoor cat. We open the front room blinds for him to sun himself during the day, if it is sunny out. I have extreme allergies, so we normally cannot open the actual windows. Never knew a cat could get a sun burn! Never had a white cat, either. Tend to prefer the dark ones.

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