What’s In The Box?

You may be familiar with the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”. It’s a little morbid, but its has at least some truth to it – cats are curious.

Case in point, when a parcel recently arrived at our flat two of our cats were particularly interested in exploring the box. Sampson, as the picture shows, was eagerly sniffing around outside to see what this strange thing was. He enjoyed investigating all the new smells.

And what was in the box that Sampson was so eagerly smelling? That would be the other curious cat, Lola, who had decided the best way to explore this package would be to get inside it!

Whilst exploring this box wasn’t dangerous to our cats, sometimes kitty curiosity can be a bad thing. Many a cat has found itself stuck up a tree, or locked in a shed, or in other kinds of trouble as a result of their curiosity.

Are your cats curious? Have they ever got into trouble as a result of their curiosity?

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Lady Joyful

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23 thoughts on “What’s In The Box?

  1. floridaborne says:

    Been awakened by a yowling cat at 2 or 3 am that is trapped in the bathroom or on the roof. Then, when you come to the rescue and you’re still 1/2 asleep they prance past you as if to say, “puny human, what took you so long?” 🙂

    • Lady Joyful says:

      An interesting thought. Care to elaborate on it? A lot of discoveries and improvements to our lives would not have been made were it not for human curiosity 🙂 However if you refer to the form of curiosity that is simple nosiness, then I would certainly agree that it is not an admirable trait. Thanks for commenting 🙂

  2. franhunne4u says:

    My cats love to get into my cupboard – and sometimes I miss them getting in and close the door … The “come to rescue”-call is not new to me, either, from either bathroom or kitchen.

  3. lydiaa1614 says:

    Our little “Monkey” comes by her name honestly. She is the “Curious George” of the cat world. No box, bag, purse, or coat sleeve gets by without a thorough inspection by Miss Monkey. The one close call came when I filled the washer with a dark load (she is a black cat who can sometimes only be seen by her bright pink collar and green eyes) and went back into the bedroom to find a few more items. When I came back I had a funny feeling so I felt around and sure enough, she was huddled way into the clothes. My heart stopped a beat as I got her out, shut the door and turned it on. Now we do not leave it open even for a second!

  4. crystaleagle24 says:

    MM once investigated one of those cube shaped tissue boxes, it was empty. Trouble was her head went in easily, but that was it, she was stuck with her head in the box. Don’t think my initial laughter improved her mood! She never did it again!

    • Lady Joyful says:

      Oh my, that does sound amusing! Many years ago my parents had a cat that liked to stick its head inside empty cream pots, presumably because they tasted yummy, but sometimes would get his head stuck in there. Quite a sight 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

    • Lady Joyful says:

      Aw, lawjic you’ll make me blush! Glad you enjoy them. Unfortunately I won’t be able to post next week (new job and moving to a new city really eat into my time!) but I promise I’ll be back before too long. Thanks for commenting, as always 🙂

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