Surprise… Reveal…. Fresh Wave with Angel’s Eyes

Hello my friends,

I have exciting news to share with you today. I received a surprise package in the mail that mom got to try called Fresh Wave but, it’s been a secret that I couldn’t tell anyone…


Do you know how hard it’s been to keep a secret from all my friends? I’m so happy I can finally tell my secret that I have had for a long time.. Purr…. First off it’s call Fresh Wave and it’s a Odor removing products for pet odors, kid odors and just every day household or car odors we all run in to. Whew….I feel better to finally tell someone about this. I thought I was going to bust with excitement… Purrr…


Now that the secret is out let me tell you about these products. There is Odor Removing Packs that you can put in gym bags, trash cans, shoes, boats, closets or even in your car. They are for small spaces. There is also an Odor Removing Gel in a jar for those 24/7 odors and it lasts after it is opened up to 90 days. It’s for pet, smoke, trash, food, bathrooms and even basements. Mom really likes this one too because of my kitty box.. Pheww… sticky.
The last product I have to tell you about is the Odor Removing Spray. It’s for a immediate odor removal like for clothing, pet bedding, shoes, sports gear and trash cans.


I think having all 3 products you can have your life smelling like roses like me… He he!! Okay,, maybe not roses but smelling Mmm good…. I know mom is very happy with all of these wonderful products they work very well cutting through the every day odors.


When you can smell fresh air and not odors then you know we are doing a Happy Dance.. besides the best part is that it’s all made with natural goodness…


Well I’m so glad my secret is out but, I need to tell you where you can get this Pawsome product. Target is launching it starting today and here’s some links below to find it in your area too..

Website :
Twitter :
Youtube :

Thank you,
Angel’s Eyes-Persian

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17 thoughts on “Surprise… Reveal…. Fresh Wave with Angel’s Eyes

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      • lawjic says:

        Who on earth has 15 cats? Are you a HOARDER? No offense, but we have a MAXIMUM 2 cat limit where I live. Maybe you live in a large rural area. I do NOT mean to judge you at all. Please do not take my comment that way.

        I am NOT judging you. If you have the room and ability to CARE FOR PROPERLY 15 cats, MORE POWER TO YOU. You are awesome, JMHO.

        Most folks in cities (as I am in) tend to have one or two cats at best as that is the law. I am thrilled you can take care of 15 cats with excellent care for ALL cats and regular VETERINARY VISITS and all preventative care. CATS NEED THAT KIND OF GREAT CARE, as you clearly know.

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