Angel’s Eyes: Exploring!

Hi everyone,

Hope you are having a great week! 🙂

Today I am exploring the area around the place that mum is staying at while daddy is in hospital. We hope we can go home this week but meanwhile let me check this place out. 😀

pretty story 2

I wonder what is out there…

pretty story 4

Ah. It’s a nice green bush. I wonder if it is edible? What do you guys think… Should I try?

Oh and did you hear of my fundraiser campaign? I am helping mum and dad raise money for dad’s medical cost by selling purrfect T-Shirts with myself on them here! 😀

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37 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Exploring!

  1. Hakuna Kahn says:

    I know my reply will come off as troll post but someone has to take have the chutzpah to say it. How in the world is the little blog post of Lisa Anderton Knicley and her cat Angel’s even relevant to the whole premise of what the Katzenworld blog is supposed to endorse? Does an editor even look at the drivel she writes before it’s even posted? It’s not even a review of a product this time. It’s just another means for her to self-promote her t-shirt fund-raising campaign for her husband’s “alleged surgery”. Lisa claims to have at least $20,000 in medical bills yet no evidence has been posted anywhere on Facebook. Not on Angel Eye’s page, not on your blog, not on her Facebook page. Other legit fundraiser supply bills and estimates of the surgeries but not this charlatan. By allowing her to promote her fund raiser, you are putting the integrity of your own blog into question. Of course you have been doing that all along allowing someone that can’t even articulate herself accurately have a weekly feature. By the way, the sleepy pod that Angel was supposed to use for travel during the trip wasn’t even used. There are photos on Angel’s page where she is sitting on Mom’s lap. I believe she obtained it for reviewing but how can you review a product when didn’t use it. Another example of Lisa’s ethics. I know 90% of the fans on her page are deluded by Lisa’s antics but not all of us are.

    • Marc-André says:

      Hi Hakuna,

      Let me address your concerns here.

      Our Blog is about cats and cat related stories not every story is about product reviews some are just cute fun stories about our own cats so it is not unusual for a story from Angel to be just that cute photos…

      This Blog is a hobby among friends we do not have an EDITOR this is not a professional commercial Blog and we are not making any money from hosting the Blog

      As for your concerns she is a charlatan? Well I happen to know her well outside of our Blogging endeavor so I know what is going on behind the scenes! Accusing her like this just rude… Especially considering this is not a traditional fundraiser she doesn’t ask people to just GIVE money she is selling T-Shirts with her cat and cat artwork on them which a lot of people happen to like and buy.

      As for articulation have you ever thought about the fact that not everyone was born in an English speaking country? I myself was born in Germany so I am guessing you are going to tell me that I can’t spell either?

      As for sleepypod – so she posted a photo of Angel on her lap! That may be so but she may still have used sleepypod – you weren’t there so haven’t got the right to accuse her integrity. Every product that Lisa received for reviews has been featured on this Blog within the deadline set out with the individual company. Sleepypod was advised the review will go up AFTER she is back from the trip – which she isn’t yet.



  2. mvaden1948 says:

    Thanks for both the response Marc and allowing the other poster to voice their opinion. I for one never for a moment thought that this blog was any kind of commercial endeavor. And your English is excellent!

    Angel, I hope your daddy is better and home soon.

  3. The Swiss Cats says:

    We hope everything goes well for your dad, Angel. We send him tons of healing purrs. Purrs
    Mum speaking : nice response, Marc-André. And I wish my English as French-speaking people were as good as yours as German-speaking people 😉

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  5. angelswhisper2011 says:

    You’re so cute, Angel and we love the t-shirt. We hope your Dad gets better soon. Sending Healing Pawkisses to make him feel better 🙂 <3
    *whispers* I wonder what they say about our English…we're still working on it to make it a kind of understandable for us as well..MOL 😀

    • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

      No she not frightening she is just in her hunting mode and exploring her new surroundings. She was a trooper being in a new place during this horrible time for her dad. But we are home now and Angel is really happy to be home again.

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