Nubia: What am I supposed to do with this?

Hello everyone,

So my humans gave me this matt thing…


… and put it in front of me but I am not entirely sure what they expect me to do with this??? Surely they don’t want me to use that for sharpening my claws instead of the carpet?!?

Anyone has suggestions for me? 😀

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Signed by



Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

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48 thoughts on “Nubia: What am I supposed to do with this?

  1. washekoda says:

    Wow ! I’ve always wanted a sandbox rug, now I have a place to stash my hairballs. Although in the middle of the bedroom was fun, then waiting for a human, middle of the night, barefoot head call, is Fun!

  2. Faith says:

    I’m looking and Nubia who’s all black and it looks like hmm I wonder if my Babuna will look like that. Except now that I look more I see brown stripes and I’m like what? Also I was looking at your tuxedo and looking at my kitten like hmmm wonder if that’s what you’ll like. I was thinking of getting those mats but I think I’m gonna go with a cubby hole in stead.

  3. G Spencer says:

    Hello sweet Nubia…well since we all know how much fun the carpet is to use for a scratch pad….I would have to say it is to hide toys under! =)

  4. lawjic says:

    Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace: Tell your humans you want HIGH QUALITY catnip embedded CAT SCRATCH PADS, like the ones sold at The only problem? They may not ship outside the US and even INSIDE the USA, the shipping costs are ABSURD. Nubia, I am all but certain you humans ALREADY have something wonderful and similar for you to use.

    Just ENJOY the “mat” or whatever you think it is. Lay on it; shred it; its yours so do whatever you want with it. If you ignore it, they will GIVE IT AWAY. Do you really want that to happen. ITS YOURS!! I say: please try to find a USE for it. You want them to keep giving you nice things. PRETEND YOU LOVE IT!


    • Marc-André says:

      Silvervine? I don’t think we have that here! I’ve seen it in Japan before but never in Europe. We have nip and valerian (the second one has a very strong smell LOL)

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