Angel’s Eyes: Yoga instructions deluxe


Hello again, Who is ready for some good old fashion yoga? I’m calling this advance yoga because we will be doing yoga outside. First off you can use anything to help you stretch.


You could also use a pole and stand tall and reach as far as you can and and Hold for 2 seconds,


Stretch like this,,, Purr,,,,, It will help you get limber so you can run and jump higher.


Yoga is good to do outside because you can watch the birds and get some sunshine as you are stretching. But don’t get up fast and run after the birds you might hurt yourself.


Remember to relax and Breathe and always have fun. Purr,,,


I hope you will enjoy your yoga outside like I do , but, as mom says,” Don’t chase the birds only watch them”.

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18 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Yoga instructions deluxe

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  2. Lavinia Ross says:

    I love the orange eyes on that kitty. A real beauty?

    Also looking for your post where I think you had information on a cat-sized hamster wheel for kitties?

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