Infographic: Cool Cats & Hot Dogs

Hi everyone,

The below infographic was sent in to us to help you all with useful information around keeping your pet cool / hot without risk to their wellbeing.

Cool Cats and Hot Dogs by Cast Iron Radiators 4u
Cool Cats and Hot Dogs by Cast Iron Radiators 4u.

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24 thoughts on “Infographic: Cool Cats & Hot Dogs

  1. foguth says:

    Just the sort of information I tried to share earlier today, but said in a slightly different – and in some ways more understandable way… will reblog. Thanks for sharing this, Marc.

  2. elle superstar says:

    Great infographic – have shared. It’s a scorcher in Vancouver this weekend. I’m so glad my cats and I will be basking in the cold air of our new AC unit that I bought last weekend after years of saying I needed to buy one before I died. But they get scared of it when they hear the “beep” of the ON button and go hiding under the bed. Sheesh.

  3. lawjic says:

    I could NOT have said it better. These tips are critical and VERY important. Cats, especially geriatric ones, do not do well in extreme heat or cold, and even in the heat, they will still go try to bake in the sun. I could never figure THAT one out, and I have tried to think like a cat all my life. Just PURRFECTLY right on point!

  4. natjtan says:

    Great tips! My boys in the summer when it gets hot sport mohawks. I rub them down with cool water on their heads, bellies and paws. I always make sure there are windows ajar they can’t get to, for air flow. In the winter, they hog the blankets and sunbathe! But they’re quite clever at find warm cool spots!

  5. jabrush1213 says:

    A great post about how to keep your pets safe during the hot summer months. There are many times when we forget about the safety of our pets in the times of heat and cold. We have to remember to take care of them, just like we would take care of ourselves.

  6. Life of Janine says:

    Thanks so much for the great post and graphics! It’s going to reach 90 here in Atlanta today (first time for the summer) and our little guys just can’t tell us when they are too warm!

  7. SD Gates says:

    Very cool (no pun intended – well maybe a little)! Just had my Golden Retrieve trimmed – he is so much happier! Supposed to be 104 on Monday – Yuch – not ready for that type of weather!

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