Mews: Cat-Astrophe Beclaws Size Can Be A Purroblem

Hi everyone,

Today we have something special for you! We met the artist behind this purrtastic cat themed piece recently online and just had to get his permission to share this with you. 🙂

Cat-Astrophe colored

The original can be found here.

Artist’s Bio:

Ian Puzon is a Filipino based, self taught digital artist with a degree in BS Animation. One painting class in college overcome his fear in painting and it evolved into his main passion which is Digital Illustration.

When he’s not painting in front of the computer screen, he enjoys his time by learning new things, watching great films and making his own genre of music.

About the two cat paintings: I enjoy making these cat paintings with their corny cat puns coz I also own a few cats around the house. I have two cats, both color white and are brothers. They wreck havoc around the house when they start running around and chasing each other. Sometimes I join too. That’s just the way they play.

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13 thoughts on “Mews: Cat-Astrophe Beclaws Size Can Be A Purroblem

  1. Thanks Marc for featuring my artwork on your blog. Really means a lot. Thank you also for the nice people who commented. You’re awesome! Keep on supporting Katzenworld. 😀

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