Mews: Living Proof – That cats do have nine lives

Hi everyone,

Today is the day that the book Living Proof – That cats do have nine lives by Janet Hayward is being published in the UK. 😀

Living Proof front cover

?The book comes in paperback and has 152 pages.

The book is filled with the various survival stories collected by Jane and will certainly amaze most of us cat owners!

Over-all verdict?

What can we say? It does what it says on the tin! It gives you some of the most amazing survival stories you’ll have heard of! 🙂

Great for cat owners and lovers alike! Just remember to have a box of tissues at hand as some of these stories are set to make you shed a tear or two (despite happy endings!!!)

More info on the book from the publisher:

Certain to make you both laugh and cry, this delightful book is a celebration of our favourite pet and its amazing ability to survive against all odds. The incredible ‘tails’ include cats who have survived horrendous natural disasters, others who have travelled unbelievable distances to return home, and heart-warming stories of once neglected and abandoned cats who have gone on to become show winners!

Fascinating cat facts and trivia are also included, as well as a cat-alogue of feline-related quotes by famous people.  Living Proof may not have all the scientific explanations for why cats are such remarkable animals, but if you have ever wondered whether cats really do have nine lives, this book contains all the proof you need!

‘From feisty felines who have survived natural disasters to those who have defied medical science, these stories about amazing cats are heart-warming.’ Pet Notes

‘This book is bound to make you both laugh and cry! A carefully researched and lovingly written collection of true stories from around the globe.’ Sunday News

Janet Hayward has worked in the media for many years and was at one time the publicist for Australia’s Cat Adoption Centre Program. This is her first book, inspired by the incredible stories she heard through her work at the Cat Adoption Centre Programme.

If you would like to get the book yourself it is published by Exisle Publishing and is available in the UK for £9.99 through Amazon by clicking here.

For our readers in New Zealand it is available on the publisher website here or for Australia on the same publisher’s website here. ($19.99 on either page)

For other countries please check out Amazon or your local bookshop!



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17 thoughts on “Mews: Living Proof – That cats do have nine lives

  1. whazzupwasabi says:

    As much as I want to read this book, I can’t stand reading this kind of stuff! I will cry for days on end! Maybe I’ll buy it for a friend… Then I’ll get to heard about the stories and not cry. 😀 Problem solved and I still get to hear about miracles.

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