Nubia: My favourite place in the whole world!

Hello there humans and welcome to my kingdom!

Just in case you don’t know yet my favourite spot is the top of the scratch tree! 😉


Time for my favourite activity…


Nap time! <3

Signed by


Her Meowjesty Queen Nubzilla the Disturber of Peace

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26 thoughts on “Nubia: My favourite place in the whole world!

  1. Nubia, you are gorgeous, but you are too SKINNY. Tell Marc to feed you, PLEASE! He is getting really stingy in the meals lately….I guess he wants you and Oliver to BEG for everything. If you lived with me, you would have food, 24/7. But I know you love your FLAT and Oliver. Be happy Queen Nubia! You’re a real beauty! And, I CARE if they feed you…..

  2. Favorite spots seem to change around here. A once busy area can turn into an apocalyptic cat wasteland littered with abandoned cat toys and empty beds. New furniture arrangements are then called for.

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