Competition: #MyJobYourJob – Guess what our jobs are! Poll now open!

Hi everyone,

Following on from collecting the funniest captions for our two kitties it is now time for the second part of our competition that has kindly been sponsored by Petplan UK who offers great insurance packages for cats here .

It is now up to all of to determine WHICH ONE of our entries is going to win the £100 voucher for PetPyjamas so cast your vote now! Everyone can choose their three favourite captions!

Also as a little surprise the 2nd and 3rd place will receive a keyring of our little kitties – we will be contacting you to choose one, as well as a 10% off voucher for our own online store here.

Votes will be accepted until the 28th of April at 8pm UK time! 🙂

As a reminder here are the photos:

Oliver: #MyJobYourJob – What will the caption be? 😀
Nubia: #MyJobYourJob – What will my caption be? 😀

Prize breakdown:

1st place: £100 voucher from PetPlan for PetsPyjamas
2nd and third place: A Katzenworld keyring and discount voucher for our online shop.

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Good luck everyone. 😀


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13 thoughts on “Competition: #MyJobYourJob – Guess what our jobs are! Poll now open!

      1. I did vote. I am the first comment. I said Nubia is sorting mail (clearly); Oliver was being FORCED to get the spider that YOU are afraid of (so am I); so I just voted again. Is there a limit on how many times we can vote. I did add another one about Oliver. HE is the KING, after all!

  1. Nubia is not a FRAZZLED ANYTHING! If anything, she could be a private investigator. She IS the brains!

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