Mews: Happy National Pet Day!!! :)

Hello everyone,

I almost forgot about the fact that today is National Pet day! So Happy National Pet day. 😀

While this is not just reserved to cats I thought it be good to share this infographic on popular pet names across the US with you:

America's Favorite Pet Names
The infographic was provided by Nexdoor

What are the names of your own pets? (All of them :D)



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86 thoughts on “Mews: Happy National Pet Day!!! :)

  1. Happy Pet Day to you as well. Hope Oliver and Nubia got a nice fish dinner to celebrate. Cats – Super Snooper Sonic (Snoops) and Kommando Kitty. Horatio Lord Nelson Hedgehog.

  2. Shoko and Kali are the current occupants we are sharing our house with. Many more Siamese have gone before but I don’t need to feel sad at the moment…lots to do.
    What we need is a National Pet Owner Day…now that would be cool.


  3. Il Diavolo is my big, black (snoozing at the moment) feline friend. Lili passed over the Rainbow Bridge last June. I used to catsit for a Lucy (most popular cat name).
    I’m not surprised that Bella is the most popular dog name in the Pacific Northwest….home to the “Twilight Saga”.

    1. Ah twilight saga I totally missed that one. My sister loves it. And I never knew that Lucy was a popular cat name 😀 (my boss at work is called Lucy – I may have to tell her LOL)

  4. Smoke (crossed the rainbowbridge 2012)
    Tamianth (crossed the bringe 2009)
    Kruemel (purring on my left)
    Speedle (sleeping on my legt now)
    Mauki and Fridolin (long passed furry friends of my childhood)

  5. I researched that and I don’t think the NATIONAL PET DAY is happening in the USA. I could be wrong. Its not on any of my calendars, nor did it come up in any searches. Perhaps its just National Pet Day in England or the UK?

  6. Callie, now known as Callie Ann or sometimes, CC for Crazy Cat. Alexandria (Alex), Snow Cone of Pavlova, and Evan wait for us all at the Rainbow Bridge–unless they’re otherwise occupied.

  7. This is everyone of us: Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo. Our predecessors were: Skooter, Steamer, Daphne, Thelma, Louise, Chloe, Twinkle, Madison, MacKenzie. We live in the Charlie region, but as you can see, not a Charlie among us! We actually have no names from any of the regions!

  8. Pet (singular) a golden Labrador called Honey. She is a rescue dog in a sense – anyway the name came with the dog; part of the package. I seriously wonder who compiles statistics like these?

  9. Oh jeez: Cricket and Lettuce (cats) are the last of a batch I adopted. Pets I’ve lost: Rowan and Charlotte (rescued/adopted bunnies). Bubble Piggy–guinea pig), Russia–adopted Siberian hamster. Two leopard geckos Isis and Sirius (captive bred), Forest cat, Smelly Cat. And, my beloved baby Sid cat, and Nancy, (though, I would caution people about naming their pets after punk rock icons and their girlfriends.) I loved Sid to death but he was a handful! LOL

  10. Hiya
    Thank you for stopping by at my blog and for following me. Means I found you which Is fab as I love cats and all things furry !
    I had 2 guinea pigs called Trickle and Coco but sadly I lost to my gorgeous Trickle on Monday. I am still very very sad about it. Coco is sad too 😔
    Thanks again and looking forward to reading and seeing more of your gorgeous cats 😃

  11. I also have Pete the mini donkey, and 6 pygmy goats: Jack, Mozart, and Chloe. Chloe had triplets on March 27: Pepperette, Cotton Eye Joe, and Anna Belle. When I bought Chloe she had a friend living with her. The owner wanted to sell me both goats, but I only wanted one goat. The owner really wanted both goats gone so he gave the other goat to me. My dad claimed the free goat in trade for use of his vehicle and trailer to get the goats. His goat is Besty and I named her twins: Rambo and Topaz.

      1. My goats are super friendly. I’m trying to socialize and get my baby goats friendly. The way to do that is to sit on the ground and become a playground for 5 goats. They chew, jump, and paw at me and I love it :).

  12. My toms: Angelous or Mr AJ, Aj for short from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (with the different spelling). I didn’t notice until he was 7 he has ginger angel wings (I’m a bad cat mama!). And Diesel as he purred like an engine when we got him and while he looks black, he’s a tabby. In the right light he has dark chocolate markings that shimmer like oil in water.

  13. Clea (named after Cleopatra), Oreo (like the cookie with the white filling on the outside), Coal (shorter for Charcoal), and Wilbur (named after the pig in Charlotte’s web). 🙂

  14. Currently we have Sara the cat and Dash the dog, but also have had chipper, mittens, smoky, sheba, magic, samantha alexis, maximillian augustus, snowball and tiger.

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