Cat Travel: Cats of Onomichi – 尾道市 Part 2

Hi everyone,

Here is the second part of our journey through Onomichi!

As we continued on past the park in part one we came across a very unusual cat to be roaming around in the outside


Yes this is a Scottish fold, a breed I wouldn’t have expected to meet in the outside considering how expensive they are in Japan. So we were very surprised to see him/ her be allowed outside.


Hmmm… Why does he look familar… Oh yes we saw you in the park earlier!!!


This picture was taken a bit off the beaten track and I really liked it because of the natural looking environment – even though it really is just off the side road LOL.



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36 thoughts on “Cat Travel: Cats of Onomichi – 尾道市 Part 2

  1. The third cat is a replica (cousin 😘) of our Rico-Chico, lines down the back and those beautiful circles on the tail.

    First kittie stole my heart. There’s just something about that breed that warms my heart…who am I kidding, ALL cats rule!

    1. All cats rule. Indeed. But have to agree there is something about the Scottish fold! I keep telling my two that they need to adopt a kitten or two at some point. 😉

  2. I love your two pictures of the cats in Japan. I saw a program on Animal Planet, where they said people in Tokyo weren’t allowed to keep cats (because there are so many people IN Tokyo) and that’s why they have CAT CAFES where people who love cats can come and hang out with cats. 🙂 Enjoy your trip.

    1. Unfortunately we are back home now 🙁 but planning my next trip to Japan already. 🙂 not sure if that’s still true about no cats but they are really expensive in Japan…

  3. Nice picture of the Scottish Fold. It appears that you have invaded his/her turf and are only a few minutes away from being taken to the cat police for trespassing.

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