Cat Travel: Cats of Onomichi – ??? Part 1

Hi everyone,

During our stop in Onomichi we certainly met the largest population of cats in all the parts of Japan that we have been to! A lot of this is down to the fact that Onomichi is famous for its Neko no Hosomichi (Cat Trail) which we will be posting about as well in due time!

Cats of Onomichi

These cats were very happy with the food that they received from one of the locals.


There were two benches and one of the cats was constantly on lookout to ensure that no one else would interfere with their feeding time!


There were many beautiful cats in this park and I wish I could have taken them all home but once again I don’t think my two would have appreciated an army of cats that speak Japanese. ;0


I especially loved this little ginger and white kitty. 🙂


And here at last a picture showing the nice local that feeds the cats of this park! 😀

And got to say I was very impressed how well all of these cats interacted with each other.



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51 thoughts on “Cat Travel: Cats of Onomichi – ??? Part 1

    • Marc-André says:

      Yes the locals really do look after the roaming kitties in Japan. 🙂

      I just wish they all had a forever home. 🙁 But when I guess they quite enjoy the freedom of the park and all the locals feeding them?

  1. carrie4myself says:

    They are very pretty! Their eyes look like the Japanese people no?!…..
    My cat does not stand any one else except me….in a way it’s rather good as I’ll have, honestly an army of cats 😀

  2. loobyloucreations says:

    Ah they all look gorgeous! I actually watched a TV show about the cats of Japan, they have a heirarchy system that they use with regards to feeding times, they always have a watcher for any predators and even take turns to babysit kittens so mothers can get the food needed too! It is all so fascinating, i would want to take them all too 🙂

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