Zelda: Cat toilet “Poo Poo Pee Do” by SinDesign

Hello everyone!

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It is your favourite kitten Zelda here for a fun product review today!

I had a great week and a GIANT parcel arrived the other day 😀 This meant a lot of fun for me of course as I LOVE boxes. Who would have guessed? 😉

Unfortunately daddy didn’t want to open it right away… but hey I only had to wait on my mum for it to be finally opened. 😀 Mummy was a bit silly when she got home and had to look twice to find the box… Come on how could you miss this huge box?!? And it says SinDesign on it… I wonder what it is. 😀

What made even less sense was that she now wanted to wait on daddy to actually open it!!! Haven’t we been through this already once today_? Humannnnns….

Zelda and the box
I had to wait FOREVER but what was actually in the box? I quickly snuck in to catvestigate but got stuck in between the item and box!

You’d think daddy and mummy would start rescuing me? Nope photo time… *sigh* humans

Finally they helped me out of this situation… Humans so slow sometimes!!!

Zelda and the toilet


But what is it??? :O

cat toilet
Most bizarre… Kind of round and holes in it? Time to check this out…


Zelda and the toilet
What is this a new sleeping cave? But I already have one o.O

Zelda and the toilet
Great… Flash! Watch that camera humans!!! :O


Oh! The roof dissappeared!!! :O

Zelda and the toilet

Now why did mummy and daddy put the new cave next to my toilet in the bathroom… Why would I want to sleep next to my loo? Are they trying to say I am too smelly…

And that was when they filled it up with litter! That’s when I realized that it was a new toilet. 😀

Zelda and the toilet
And this was much more like it!!! Perfect for me to rummage in and have a private space to complete my business… Much much better than the old toilet!!! 😀

I adapted to it very quickly and started using it right away! D:

Zelda and the toilet

Ah and this is what the things inside were all about! On the left you can see the integrated shovel that is connected to the lid for easy storage. Mummy loved this the most! No more having shovels lying around. On the right hand side behind my tail you can also see a holder for anti smell tablets! (Are they trying to say again that I am smelly????)

I love my new toilet and would recommend you convince your humans to get one for you too! You may want to use some of these details in your persuasion of human servants!:

  • Poopoopeedo is a high quality designed item that should last you a life time
  • The toilet is manufactured using high quality thermoplastic of approx 3 to 4 mm thickness which is the reason for Poopoopeedo’s unique durability as most litter boxes are made of cheap plastic.
  • 1 shovel and 2 anti-smell tablets (1 month use for each tablet) are included as accessories with each Poopoopeedo.
  • Their product is 100% Made in France, and its unique design is patented

Your human can find their product on their website below:

Please also check out the additional gallery from our friends over at sindesign below:

Any questions let me know and I shall personally get back to you or of course order my human servants to do so! 🙂

Zeldas Unterschrift

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34 thoughts on “Zelda: Cat toilet “Poo Poo Pee Do” by SinDesign

  1. carrie4myself says:

    Look rather cute and very interesting.
    Well it’s a bit expensive and I used to put her cat litter in the toilet room; not sure I’ll have enough space? It seems rather bulky.
    Need to check that.
    But the idea is brillant and your pictures are really funny. Thanks 🙂

      • carrie4myself says:

        Ok! 🙂
        Where do you put the cat litter so? ‘cos it looks like a very nice design but well…not in the lounge!
        And do you think a rug is still needed as the one, you showed us few weeks ago?!

        • Marc-André says:

          My sister keeps her litter box in the bathroom! The good thing about the design is that if you have it in a corner of your lounge it is not too obvious that it is a litter box as it looks more like a sleek cat cave. 🙂

          Also the anti odour tablets hide the smell!

          As for the litter spill… I would still recommend a mat to avoid tracking as most cats tend to JUMP out of their litter boxes LOL

  2. loobyloucreations says:

    It looks so nice! Better than having litter on display, plus the design is so so much more better than the hooded boxes that are out there now! If only my cat would use it! She is too particular though she never likes her front paws to actually be in her litter box though while she does her business 😮 great review 🙂

  3. Moongazer says:

    Hmmmm……..I shall have to investigate this further. It definitely looks so much better than an open tray, and the rounded shape inside – I bet that makes it easier to wash out.
    I just wonder if Rory would actually fit inside lol.
    Great review. Thank you 🙂

  4. lawjic says:

    I guess its fair to say I am raining on the parade as I personally think this is crazy. I am all for an old fashioned litter box. And, I am not sure from the picture, but I need a litter box larger than they sell as my cat is 5 times the size of yours and she is looooong too. So I think we have “accidents” now, I can only imagine how tiny that appears.

    But if you are trying it out, I am all for it. Why not have a little fun? And I also use the old fashioned litter and then scoop THAT into a double paper bag as you cannot flush it. That bag gets very heavy in 7 days (soon I may need to triple them). Its is an interesting “device”.

    And that cat looks like a 3 month old kitten to me. Tell me it IS a kitten and not one of your kitties?

  5. Imivai says:

    It sure does look nice, but seems highly unsuitable for cats, that enjoy digging. My cat would probably shovel half of the cat litter on the floor. Thank god cat litter boxes with doors exist!

  6. Anna says:

    Hello, I have a question. I ordered my poo-poo-pee-do-by-sindesign/ almost a month ago and still did not received it. This is the web site where I ordered from: http://www.sindesign.com/
    The sent my via DHL and I asked to tracking number that doesn’t show where the package is. I sent email today and started investigation. The website looks suspicious to me.
    How long did you take to get a shipment. Is the same website?

    • Marc-André says:

      Hi Anna. We got ours from the same website. It arrived after about a week from the order date? They are send from France so depending on where you live it may take longer but shouldn’t take a month for sure.

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