Guest Post: More Cat Health Tips from Ellen Pilch

In my last post, I shared some tips relating to cat health that I had recently learned. I was happy to see by the comments that this was new information for some and indeed helpful. I figured I would share a few more tips. Once again, I apologize for the repetition to those that regularly read 15andmeowing, but I hope they can be of use to someone.


I am sure many of you have cats that purr at the vet, probably because they are nervous and are trying to calm themselves. Joanie always does this and the vet would just say he/she couldn’t hear over the purring. Lately though , they have either turned the water faucet on in the exam room as a distraction (doesn’t always work) or put alcohol on a cotton ball and held it an inch or so away from the cat’s nose. The cotton ball works almost every time making the cat stop purring long enough to hear the heart beat.

Another tip I learned several years ago is great for making cat swallow a pill. I know you can rub the chin to get kitty to swallow, but an even better way is to blow on the nose. These only work if you are lucky enough to get the pill into the cat’s mouth. Some of my cats are impossible and I have to try to sneak the pill into food or a pill pocket. You should always ask if a shot or liquid is available if your cat is impossible.


I just ordered the equivalent of Benadryl in venison flavor from a compounding pharmacy. Prancie has several allergies kept at bay with Children’s Benadryl, but it only came in cherry flavor which made her drool all over. It is pricier, but at least she will take it all. Most meds can be made in chicken or fish flavor too, but Prancie is allergic. I hope this information helps some kitties.

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9 thoughts on “Guest Post: More Cat Health Tips from Ellen Pilch

  1. fozziemum says:

    Great tips again 🙂 our vet ahs problems with Pickles she gets her purr on turbo at the vets..form being smoochie!! despite all the things she has had done she always rubs up and chin butts and purrs her heart out..they are amazed at how sweet she is….to stop her purrs for a check up the vet puts hers hand over her little usually works 🙂 bless thanks again for great tips loves Fozziemumxxx

      • fozziemum says:

        Ellen she worst hoarder rescue baby and so full of love for everything ..but that engine will not stop! hahaha 🙂 we have super vets here and are very lucky..and those tips are great especially for people who may not have been kitty owners for long and just as good for those of us who have had them forever..always something new to learn..:) xx

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