Zelda: Let me introduce HER and the new German Blog :)

Hi everyone,

My name is Ann-Kristin and for those of you that don’t know I am Marc’s sister. For those of you that speak German you can also read Zelda’s posts on “Katzenworld Deutschland“. But don’t worry there will be English versions on here. 🙂

Our little darling Zelda moved in on the 17th November 2014. At just nine weeks she was a fluffy bundle and actually too small to leave her family. Unluckily for her she was abandoned by her mother and so needed to be re-homed. Even though I’ve always wanted a cat, I’ve never had the     chance.


But one day I heard about this cute kitten who needed a new home and tried everything to persuade my partner to take her in. This involved a long weekend full of arguments and tearful, begging requests. Eventually, a resolute “No“ became a “Yes“. We used what was left of the weekend to make our home safe for a kitten.


The following morning Zelda’s “God mother“, Christina, helped me with last minute shopping for kitten items before collecting Zelda. The kitten was so tiny and pretty with her white whiskers and her cute melancholic eyes. My friend Katharina was waiting for me at our home to help me with all the stuff. She is, of course, another of Zeldas many aunts. At home Zelda took some time to come out of the cat carrier and we watched how she explored her new home. It was not long before Zelda drew closer to me and started to purring loudly. She even began to react to my voice and her name.


In the evening when my partner came home from work his first question was “where is the kitten?“ At that moment she came out next to the sofa and he fell in love with her. And Zelda likes her new „daddy“ just as much and was soon lying on his lap and purring.

Zelda settled in so quickly and she loves to play with us, as much she loves to sleep next to our heads. But she is not shy about waking us up with her soft paws on our cheeks early in the morning.
Sometimes she can be a little brat.
A brat we nonetheless love.

For a German version of this post please click here.



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61 thoughts on “Zelda: Let me introduce HER and the new German Blog :)

    • Marc-André says:

      Actually it is meant to have comments enabled :0! I think there may have been a plugin clash (i am self hosting it for my sister) can you try out to comment now? 🙂 i changed some settings ^^

  1. franhunne4u says:

    So (expectable) she has won around a grumpy boyfriend – and already started terrorising the humans. Take my advice of several decades of being owned by cats: Teach her boundaries. Some things have to be out of bounds for her. Like walking on a table or on the work surface of the kitchen or on the cooker. Some things have to be out of bounds for her own good (like human food unless you know for sure there is no danger attached, look for your brother’s charts if you are in doubt).
    Young kittens, no matter how cute, need education – to make life for all three of you more enjoyable. Consequence is key – and a good training for having children one day, too!

    • Marc-André says:

      Haha indeed. Trust me i have given her a long sheet of do’s and don’ts in brotherly fashion. ;). Btw could you try if comments work on the german blog now? I think my fat fingere disabled them to begin with! :0

    • Marc-André says:

      Thanks 😀 and yes i have never seen a kitty with perfectly black face and white whiskers before!!! She is part persian btw. So will be interesting to see how fluffy she will get!!!

  2. Mister Baloney Head says:

    Welcome Zelda! You are a beauty! My husband was less than excited when I brought home two four-week-old kittens in a box. Seven months later…. he comes home from work and goes right to the kittens and snuggles his face into their fur while they purr.

  3. Marianna Burt says:

    She is just enchanting & so is her story. I follow several French sites (Micetto, Chats du Quercy) & am always delighted by how love of cats transcends language & culture.

  4. dashkitten says:

    This is definitely one of those squeeeeee moments isn’t it? What a beautiful kitten, and bravo to your partner for being gracious and accepting the kitten into your home. I know Zelda will make it worthwhile for him 🙂 and for you.

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