Angel’s Eyes: Trying to be a Super Star

singing to a humming bird feeder

Don’t mind me I’m practicing my Singing Act and I think this humming bird feeder makes a great microphone. Meee, Oooowww, Meeeee, Oooowwww,,,

deciding what to sing

Umm,, I’m warmed up now, but the big decisions is what song should I sing? Maybe from the movie Frozen, now that would be a good one..

looking around

I don’t see anyone around to ask what I should sing. Or if I’m even good enough to be a star. Mmmm..

trying to make a decision

Wow! This singing thing is harder then I thought!! Maybe I should stick with hunting.

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59 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Trying to be a Super Star

  1. My sister Ethel thinks she has singing talent. (Angel’s probably a WAY better singer than Ethel.) Ethel also thinks I’m going to let her use my blog to launch her singing career. Wrong and wrong.

  2. Wow Beautiful Angel ur a Star Sweetheart I just love the way ur using the Humming Bird as a Microphone. Beautiful Angel as u know I Absolutely love Ronan Keating if I give u a song see if u can do a bit Cutie Pie. It goes like this It’s Amazing how u can speak right 2 my heart without saying a word u can light up the Dark Oh. Beautiful Angel ur just an Absolutely Super Star in my Eyes Sweetheart love Mandy 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Your cat is adorable. We used to have a cat that would have cooperated for photos; and the other one would have walked away feeling he was much too sophisticated to let his humans get him to do cute cat tricks 🙂

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