UZOO: Wildcats and Kittens: A Beginners Guide

Don’t be fooled, these aren’t your ordinary tabby cats!

Watch our video above for a more in-depth explanation into these cat characteristics.

Fishing Cat
Fishing Kitten

Wild cat of South and South East Asia, endangered since 2008

Pallas’s Cat
pallas kitten

Also called manul of Central Asia, near threatened since 2002

Ocelot Kitten

Also known as the dwarf leopard from South America, endangered species until 1996

Savannah Cat

Ok, so not strictly a true wildcat but the Ashera or the Savannah cat is a hybrid between a serval African cat and domestic cat.

Which is your favourite kitty?

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20 thoughts on “UZOO: Wildcats and Kittens: A Beginners Guide

      1. My Fritz is a house (or better, a homed) cat because he cannot go outside (too dangerous, living in the centre of a city) but his nature is wild, adventurous, a natural jungle-born-hunter! It is the first time I have a ocicat: it is a hard work to follow him 😀
        I would like to have another wildcat like, for example, the Ashera one <3

        1. He sounds amazing! And i know what you mean. Both of mine are grounded in the house because London is too dangerous. Nubia in fact lost one of her front legs in a car accident before we adopted her. :(. Would you fancy doing a guest post for Mr Fritz :)? We haven’t featured an ocicat yet! 😀

  1. What beautiful vatiation of cats. I was familiar with the occolot and the savannah cat. The savannah cat I had heard of about a year ago actually and thought it was lovely. There life span was pretty long and they are adorible. I wish i could have the cute guy as a pet. I have no idea where I would find one either.

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