Mews: Tailio – The First Smart Health Monitor for Cats

Hi everyone,

We thought the following Kickstarter campaign might be of interest to some of you! Today we are looking at Tailio – The First Smart Health Monitor for Cats (Click to go straight to the Kickstarter campaign.):

Tailio turns your cat’s litter box into a smart monitor. Device rests under box, detects signs of trouble, mobile app alerts & tools

Modern care for your cat’s health & well-being


We’re cat lovers. We wanted a solution to help pet families care for their cats in a meaningful, informative way. So we created Tailio. Designed with vets and other experts, Tailio is the world’s first smart monitoring system that will help you know when your cat needs care, by measuring their weight, waste, and elimination behaviors.

Tailio looks for early signs of many common issues, such as:


By monitoring your cat’s trends in weight and litter box behaviors, Tailio can detect changes that may reveal early signs of many common health issues. For instance, cats are often prone to urinary tract issues, with obstructions being one of the top medical emergencies. This makes the litter box THE place to look for signs of trouble.

Cats can be healthier with earlier treatment

Many health problems cats face often bring changes in weight, elimination patterns and behavior. These changes can be gradual or sudden, and are often very difficult for people to detect. If left untreated, a disease can progress to affect other parts of the body, or even to an irreversible state.


Tailio empowers you with alerts and information, so you can get your cat to the vet for earlier diagnosis and a better chance of successful outcomes, with less suffering for your cat (and you), and it can even save lives.

How Tailio works

Tailio is easy for you and your cat. Simply place the device under the litter box, and download the mobile app. Tailio works seamlessly in the background to learn about and monitor your cat, while you and your cat go about business as usual. It’ll even monitor multiple cats in your home.

  • What Tailio monitors. Tailio device collects data on your cat’s weight, amount of waste, frequency of visits and behavior in the litter box
  • Analytics. Data is sent to the cloud where powerful analytics learn your cat’s individual profile and watch for trends in their weight and litter box behavior
  • Mobile app alerts. Tailio lets you know when something needs your care


Multiple cats okay!

If you have more than one cat, Tailio intelligently knows who’s who in the litter box by understanding subtle differences in their individual physiology and behavior.

So what are your thoughts on this invention? We are intrigued and would love to try this out in action! 🙂



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10 thoughts on “Mews: Tailio – The First Smart Health Monitor for Cats

  1. weggieboy says:

    This could be especially helpful with breeds that are known to be more susceptible to urinary issues, for example or older cats. I’d need at least three of them, I think, if one uses the standard practice of one for each cat plus one. Cost could be prohibitive, but it looks like technology worth checking out.

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