Mews: The truth about pet food labels #infographic

Hi everyone,

Today we would like to share an infographic from our friends at Applaws for whom we will also be featuring a review of their pet food next week Friday so stay tuned as to what the cats thought about their food! 😀

They are also running an interactive quiz on their Facebook page here. You may want to do this prior to checking out the below infographic and find out how well you know your pet. 🙂


So what was your score on the quiz?

Our score:

Purrfect score! You know your pet 100%

You’re the cat’s pyjamas.

You certainly know your cat facts, but did you know some leading brands of cat food contain as little as 4% of the named meat ingredient and even then it can be anything from lungs to guts and other gross bits?

We hope you enjoyed this infographic and quiz.



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19 thoughts on “Mews: The truth about pet food labels #infographic

      1. Here in Germany they say pet food has to be from meat that is good for human consumption. But the animals slaughtered will have accumulated some poisonous substances over their short lifetime while growing for our tables.

        1. Indeed he is haha. All other wet food before we found applws he only ate the gravy. Leaving dry meat for his sister… So rude! 😉 with this one he actually eats the meat 😀 (and leaves nothing for his sister… Need to work on the sharing is caring with him!!!)

      1. The article is fine and sparks the long-lived DEBATE, which I will not touch. I can only say, I feed an almost 19 year old CRF cat a dry renal diet from two name brands, I hydrate her, She takes Azodyl and other supplements I was instructed by the veterinarian to feed her. I follow his instructions to the LETTER (okay I do sneak in a bit of wet food, but only to give her cosequin, fiber, omega-3, liquid, a medication for inflamed colon and all kinds of great supplements the veterinarian wants her to take). With that said, my cat is THRIVING on this DRY renal diet, as she has THRIVED on premium DRY FOODS for all of her life.

        DRY FOODS are the reason my almost 19 year old cat has never needed her teeth cleaned and her gums are NOT inflamed either.

        Also, my CRF cat on two brands of a premium DRY FOOD RENAL DIET, just GAINED one whole pound in LESS THAN 3 months: that is unheard of—they usually LOSE weight and waste away and SHRINK. My almost 19 year old geriatric CRF cat has GAINED A POUND and it back to her 2011 WEIGHT and her renal values are back to the low/normal range.

        I think we (my veterinarian, animal communicator and I) are DOING SOMETHING VERY RIGHT, or my cat would not be gaining weight and thriving as she is with constantly IMPROVING (DECREASIN) renal values. The Azodyl is a wonderful probiotic and it DOES WORK.

        Best wishes, Sheryl

        1. Ah don’t worry. This infographic shows the importance of quality in both dry and wet fed. I dont think applaws would want to go down the route of deciding what is better dry or wey. It just sparks too many questions! So yes totally agree with you. 🙂

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