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Today we would like to introduce you to a fantastic Kickstarter campaign that we really thought is an innovative idea! On our hunt to find the ultimative gadget to make your cats life as comfortable as possible we found out about Catzenpup.

Click here for the kickstarter campaign.

Catzenpup has designed a wet food automatic feeder. Let’s face it how many of us would love to be at home all day and give our fur family members the food they really need? All of us of course! But unfortunately most of us have to work and end up giving them more dry food than they should have. Catzenpup - Whiskas w Kitten

This automatic cat and dog feeder therefore provides the perfect solution to the issue! We can’t wait to get our hands on one of them to give it a try. 😀

Below you can see a promotional video of the feeder in action with Amber the cat”

The Catzenpup Automatic Wet Food Pet Feeder is a patent pending device unlike any feeder on the market that allows cat and small dog owners to feed their pet fresh, wet food when they are away from home. Pet parents can now feed their pets the wet food they love while at work, on vacation, running errands, sleeping in, at the gym, or just on the go in today’s busy world. Pets will be happier and healthier, while owners gain peace of mind. The Catzenpup Automatic Pet Feeder addresses the following problems:

  • Often pet parents need to feed their pets in situations where it is inconvenient or impossible
  • Many pet owners must use a costly cat or dog sitting service $25 or more per visit to feed their pet when they not home
  • Pets typically prefer wet food, while dry food contains very little moisture, potentially leading to dehydration, dental problems, and jaw health issues
  • The instant wet food is opened its quality begins to deteriorate and may become unsafe for pet consumption the longer it sits out, as exposed wet food is susceptible to bacterial contamination and drying out
  • Current devices on market that serve wet food require pet owners to open sealed food cans and load their contents into the automated dispenser hours or days in advance of feeding their pet
  • Current devices may require the added inconvenience of placing bags of ice into the device to keep wet food from spoiling before serving the pet
  • Finally, open food sitting out could attract mice, pests, ants and more, creating infestation problems in homes where pets and owners resideThe Catzenpup Automatic Pet Feeder solves all of these problems, in a smart, attractive, and affordable device that gives pet parents the freedom to keep up with their busy lives, while still being a great parent to their pet by feeding them the wet food they love and deserve.

Catzenpup - Fancy Feast w Cat

Device Features

  • Easy to Use Food Loading System: Placing food in the device is a simple process and ergonomically designed, making setup quick and easy
  • Feeding Time Pet Notifications: Pets know every time the feeder is serving their wet food due to the audio notification and flashing LCD screen to tell them its chow time!
  • Easy to Use, Simple User Interface: Set feeding times and countdown to food dispensing with ease using the intuitive LCD screen interface with orange backlight
  • Two Feeding Modes: Feed pets at either pre-scheduled times of day or night, or set a basic timer countdown for feeding on the fly
  • Four Programmable Scheduled Time Feeder Settings: Schedule up to four preset times of day for feeding your pet based on your busy schedule
  • Dispenses Over 14 National Brand Pet Foods:

o Dog Food Brands: Cesar, Nature’s Recipe, Blue Buffallo, Authority, Bil Jac, Wellness, Grreat Choice, and more.

o Cat Food Brands: Whiskas, Fancy Feast Appetizers, Meow Mix, Nature’s Recipe, Grreat Choice, Wellness, Authority, and more.

  • Portable Battery Powered: The feeder uses four C batteries, making it portable around the house, as well as on a trip or vacation with your pet. Additionally, your pet always get fed, even if household A/C power is lost, as batteries continuously power the feeder for over 6 months (batteries sold separately)
  • Low Battery Indicator: Never worry about batteries running out, the device flashes the LCD screen low battery warning and an audio alert for you can change batteries and never miss a feeding
  • Additional food storage compartment: For fewer trips to the pantry to get food for loading the feeder, the feeder holds up to 3 extra food containers for easy retrieval to load for the next feeding
  • Available AC Cord Power Option: The feeder can run on optional A/C power to extend battery life (cord sold separately)

More about their Kickstarter Campaign:

NEW YORK (Nov 17, 2014) – The lives of pet parents who feed their pets wet food will forever be changed in 2014.

Today, Catzenpup is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund its innovative pet feeder by the same name. Catzenpup is an attractive, affordable feeder device that will allow the more than 36.1 million cat and 21 million small dog parents in the U.S.A., as well as pet parents around the globe, to schedule fresh wet food meal feedings to their pets at any time day or night, when they are unavailable or away from home.

An inventor and company founder, Garrett M. Wilson, said he came up with the idea when his own cat’s dietary needs changed two years ago.

“I created the Catzenpup Automatic Feeder because my cat, Amber, stopped eating dry food altogether, and I couldn’t feed her wet food while at work and in the middle of the night when she was hungry,” he said. “After two years building hobby prototypes, I decided to design and launch the product on Kickstarter to bring this awesome feeder to dog and cat parents everywhere so they can improve their pet’s health and nutrition, and gain peace of mind, all while feeding their pet’s happiness.”

Catzenpup is a simple solution for many pet parents who feed their pet wet food. The Catzenpup feeder solves the following problems and more:

The quality of wet food begins to deteriorate the instant it is opened and may become unsafe for pet consumption the longer it sits out, as exposed wet food is susceptible to bacterial contamination and drying out.
Many pet owners use a costly cat or dog sitting service for $25 or more per visit to feed their pet when they are not home.
Open food sitting out could attract mice, pests, ants and more, creating infestation problems in homes where pets and owners reside
Catzenpup features an elegant, compact design that complements any home’s interior due to Catzenpup’s partnership with Sigma Design. Mr. Wilson said he anticipates a large demand for this first-of-its-kind product.

Catzenpup was invented by Garrett M. Wilson in 2012 after he realized his own cat’s diet changed and required round the clock, fresh wet food feedings. Pairing simple tech features with stylish design, the Catzenpup automatic wet food feeder is an amazing new device to feed your cat or dog to improve a pet’s nutrition and feeding behavior, and to bring, the pet parent, peace of mind.

The Catzenpup Kickstarter campaign will launch November 17, 2014 at 1 pm EST. # # #

More about the founder and inventor Garret Williams:?

Garret Williams

As the founder and inventor, Garrett has 10+ years of product development engineering, entrepreneurial business online and offline ventures, and eight years of digital marketing and

social media agency experience to bring this product to market through development and ultimately sales online. Having been a pet parent to his cat Amber for 18 years, as well as growing up with four dogs, his love of pets is part of who he is at his core. Garrett has a unique knowledge base of process, product, marketing, and management to launch this product beyond the working prototypes he built by hand to deliver for cat and dog owners everywhere.

Garrett has always pushed himself to live with passion in his life, being an avid golfer, riding motorcycles, playing harmonica, tennis, poker, live music, and now starting a family and new business. Every day is an adventure with challenges, and Garrett’s perspective on personal growth, experience, optimism, and sharing with others is what brings joy to him and his family.

Additional information on products Garrett has been a part of design and engineering can be viewed at . The digital marketing firms he’s worked with can be viewed on his Linkedin profile at

Thanks for reading everyone and please check out catzenpup on the following channels:

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      Hi Kathie. This takes 4 containers in total at one time. Of course this isnt designed for long holidays as other arrangements may need to be made in those cases but perfect for weekend trips or to endure your cat / dog is fed when you are coming home late from work etc.

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