Angel’s Eyes: Cat versus Umbrella! 頑張って Ganbatte~

Dear readers,

I came across this human thing called an umbrella the other day. And just had to start a little battle with it…

Angel's eyes cat umbrella

I tried taking it away but it was a bit too big after all…

Angel's eyes cat umbrella 2

Chewing it? Nope not working either!

Angel's eyes cat umbrella 7

Maybe if I paw it here…?

Angel's eyes cat umbrella 6

Yes! It seems to be moving. 😮

Angel's eyes cat umbrella 3

Oh… This wasn’t supposed to happen…

Angel's eyes cat umbrella 4

How am I going to get out of here! @_@

Angel's eyes cat umbrella 8

Time for my revenge on this pesky umbrella…

Angel's eyes cat umbrella 9

Maybe if I pull carefully here.. 😀

Angel's eyes cat umbrella 5

Ack! Oh no now I am stuck entirely… Can someone rescue me please?

Thanks for reading,

Angel’s Eyes & Lisa from Facebook

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20 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Cat versus Umbrella! 頑張って Ganbatte~

    • lawjic says:

      Poor kitty! Don’t you realize YOU attacked the umbrella?? IT did not attack you. So you got trapped. Have you not heard that “curiosity killed the cat”? No worries, you funny kitty.

      You are just playing as cats DO; its all purr-fectly NORMAL. Your human is having a laugh at your expense, but your human is also making you and your red umbrella VERY famous too! You are a very good and smart kitty; adorable too!! Have fun sweet cat; life is too short NOT to enjoy a mean red umbrella….I am looking at the photos again. Wow. I think YOU ARE RIGHT!!!

      MAYBE that nasty big red umbrella DID attack you, after all. POOR sweet kitty cat. YES, you are right. THE RED UMBRELLA CLEARLY attacked you and was vicious too. I hope your human KILLS if when you are done with it!

      Besides: What is “up” with a RED umbrella. Any civilized human would not be so conspicuous; they should get BLACK OR NAVY. Can you please tell your human that, kitty cat? Be well and have FUN! Make sure they feed you all your very favorite TREATS after putting you through all of this umbrella stuff and nonsense!!! <3 D: Love you, ~Sheryl (aka SAW)

      • Angel's Eyes - Persian says:

        Sheryl (aka SAW) , Thank you for having my back and just to keep you updated I got extra treats for the umbrella brawl. So no worries there. I had a blast attacking the umbrella it was more play Time then anything.

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  3. angela1313 says:

    Angel you gave me a sorely needed LOL. I am glad someone was watching so that umbrella didn’t poke you. You are so much fun, sweetie.

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