My bow collection!  I’ve recently grown fond of this AMAZING MATERIAL!  My humans like to put this over their heads from time to time,  and I love rubbing my face and sleeping on them!


I dont look half bad in them either right? =D


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19 thoughts on “Bosscat! MY BOW COLLECTION!

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Boss cat, you look best just in your own fur. But since you love snuggling with these so much, I will (hesitatingly) admit you can wear them. If you think you must.

  2. pilch92 says:

    Love the bows, you look great in them. When I saw the title, I thought you had a collection of bows off of presents.

  3. frederick anderson says:

    So difficult, as a fashion accessory, the bow tie. It makes a statement about the wearer – a certain pretension, a certain dapper superiority. and so easy, in an extravagant spotty number, to come across as someone likely to sell you a used car…. The pink is extravagant, too, in a homely, rather more feminine way – but would Boss Cat want that?

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