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Hello Katzenworld readers.

My name is Lisa Knicely and I started Angel’s Eyes a few weeks ago.
Angel is almost 1 year old (on September 24th!). She was born in Chicago, and I found her in an online advert. I drove for 3 and a half hours to meet her! She was the runt of the litter, weighing only 1 pound at 9 weeks old.
When we first met, she looked me straight in the eyes and I immediately fell in love.

We weren’t intending to get a cat, as it hadn’t been long since we lost our previous furry friend. I named her Angel, ’cause she’s as sweet as pie and I hoped our other angel kitty would look after her. She’s a spunky little lady – super funny, patient, kind and very polite. She’ll move if she’s in your way, and waits to make sure you’ve allowed her outside before she heads out. She also loves to play hide and seek, and make people laugh!
We play ball or fetch, and we high five! She’s super smart and learns really fast.

She has one unusual trait – she loves water! Toilet flushing is one of her favorite things to watch, and she always asks you to flush over and over and over! We bath her sometimes, which she doesn’t mind, but she hates being dried. She much prefers sitting in front of the fire to dry! Even in summer!!

Her tail is long and fluffy, and she uses it to hug you when she cuddles you! It wraps around your arm, and she holds it curled on her back like a squirrel!
Her meow is so soft, we bought her a bell collar so we don’t lose her haha ! She has even learned to paw the bell to ask to come in or go out!

She’s such a sweetheart and I think you’ll agree! 🙂




Thanks for reading our guest star post.

To find out more about Angel and see more pretty photos head over to their facebook page by clicking here.



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30 thoughts on “Guest Star : Angel’s Eyes

    • Lisa Anderton Knicely says:

      Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoyed our story. Angel is a joy to us and keep us laughing daily.

    • Lisa Anderton Knicely says:

      Thank you She is really special. You can follow us at Angel’s Eyes – Persian and see her adventures every day.

    • Lisa Knicely says:

      Awe . Thank you for the warming comment. I’m blessed to have such a beautiful kitty but she really makes our home laugh. Angel inspires me daily and that is why I shared her with the world to bring sunshine and laughter to your homes.

    • Lisa Knicely says:

      Awe Thank you you are so sweet button it’s Angel who the inspiration comes from. I am blessed to have her and never take advantage. She truly is special and can bring smile to your face.

  1. Mitsubachicats1 says:

    Beautiful cat. Glad to meet her. We do not facebook. I’ve had a couple of cats who looked very much like ur (lolspeak) angel. They were indeed heart kitties.
    Love her well.
    Mitsu and de Homestead colony cats

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