Mews: Lion and Dachshund – Friends Forever

Hi everyone,

We just came across another brilliant example of how cats and dogs can make peace. 😉

A 500-pound lion and an 11-pound dog have formed an unlikely friendship, proving that cats and dogs really can get along. Bonedigger the lion and Milo the dachshund live together at Garold Wayne Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Okla., along with three other dogs. The puppies were introduced to Bonedigger in 2008 when he was just a 4-week-old cub.







Hope you enjoyed this collection of photos!




Originally found on Design You Trust.

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49 thoughts on “Mews: Lion and Dachshund – Friends Forever

      1. Marc, as sweet as that is, and it is very sweet, those lions can turn on a time and eat those little doggies for a “small snack”….I hope the dogs know when to hold ’em and know when to RUN! Love it, regardless! ~Sheryl

          1. Ok, dann kann ich ja deutsch schreiben. 😉
            Darf ich den Löwen-Dackel-Post rebloggen? Ich finde den Bericht so toll und würde ihn gern am 15.11. rebloggen. Ich mache bei einem Projekt von Kalle mit, das heißt: “Alles für die Katz”. Das würde so gut passen… 😉
            LG Susanne

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