Guest Star: Tuxedo Joe

Greetings, Katzenworld!

Today’s guest star is Tuxedo Joe –  a devout follower of the Tuxedo Party of Canada with aims to improve the welfare of homeless, abandoned and suffering cats in Calgary.

My name is Joe Boxer. At three days old I was orphaned when my mommy passed away. Me and my siblings were taken to the MEOW Foundation and divided between two foster homes, who cared for 3 of us each around the clock.

Boxer baby

When I was 12 weeks old, my foster mommy decided to adopt my sister Annie and I. She was the only mommy we had ever really known, so that made us very happy! Our brother Tommy found a good home with some nice people, so we were all happy!

I feel I was always meant to do something special. My sister Annie was a model in a calendar before her first birthday, and I decided I wanted to do something too! I was featured in the June 2012 issue of New Home Living and then I went on to have my photo in Pet Sitters World 2013 Sept/Oct edition.

With my new public recognition I decided to give back to the people who got me where I am today. I want to make a difference in the awareness of homeless and abandoned cats in Calgary and area, and help them so they don’t have to endure what my mommy did.

A little about me:I enjoy napping, climbing my giant scratching post and playing fetch with my favourite toy mice. I also enjoy a good drink from my water fountain, but only with my paw of course!

My birthday is May 2010. I am a long haired tuxedo. My sister Annie is a long haired tabby. We don’t look at all alike. (She thinks she’s much better looking- ha!)I love cat treats, toy mice, chewing the ears off toy mice, fetching, drowning toy mice in water, drinking with my paws, sleeping, advocating on behalf of Calgary cats, the late Tuxedo Stan and his brother Earl Grey. I also idolize Justin Fire Survivor for all the great work he’s doing, and would like to be like him.


You can check out Tuxedo Joe on Facebook here! You can even find an address for sending fan mail…!


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10 thoughts on “Guest Star: Tuxedo Joe

  1. EmilyD says:

    What an absolute sweetie. Joe looks similar to my boy Chaplin, who interestingly enough was formerly known as Joe Black (prior to his adoption). Thanks for helping out the Calgary kitties, keep up the good work.

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