Mews: Ever wondered what your cat is doing on the PC?

Hi everyone,

So this image really sparked my curiosity.

What is that our cats are doing on our PC that they lovingly refer to as catputer?

Do they order premium cat food?
Or new toys? 🙂
Find more kats to take in from shelters?

What do you think your cat is up to alone at home on the catputer? 😀


Picture source: Pinterest

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46 thoughts on “Mews: Ever wondered what your cat is doing on the PC?

  1. My cat pulls up the help screen for whatever I’ve got open at the time. She’s trying to learn how to use it. When she does, there is no telling how many lives she can ruin.

          1. I got him and his brother, Rosencrantz, as a two for one special. We homeschooled our daughter and we were reading Shakespeare when I brought the two little black kittens home from the pet store. They looked so much alike that and couldn’t keep them straight, so we decided to name them Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, because, like the characters in Shakespeare, they seemed interchangeable and it wouldn’t matter which one was which. The only way we can tell them apart now is that Guildenstern fat, and Rosencrantz is slim.

          2. The names are Danish and Swedish. Have you seen the movie “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead”? It’s excellent, but very artsy with lots of quick witted dialog. The play is even better, but I don’t know how easy it is to find theater groups putting on the play.

          3. I haven’t seen them actually! May have to do that now. :). And yeah that makes sense. I’m from Germany originally and to me the two words make sense but look like how my great grandmother used to write (she lived until the age of 103 so I was lucky enough to learn “ancient german” lol) Swedish, Danish and German used to be a lot closer aligned at that time. Helps a lot when I go on travel as I can still pick out bits. 🙂

          4. That’s great. My grandma lived to be just shy of 102, be she only spoke English being of mostly Scottish stock. We’ve dabbled in Old and Middle English, and it’s interesting how Old English is not anything like modern English and I can do Middle English, but it takes a lot of getting used to. My wife’s been studying old Norse.

  2. I always thought Hershey was writing a novel. We used to joke about her being the reincarnation of a famous writer who was known for his cats 🙂 Callie just likes to sit on the computer because it’s warm.

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