Merlin: My outdoor cat-house!

Hi everyone,

As the weather is getting colder and nastier, I want to share with you pics of my little house for felines.

merlin in his house 02

It is a two story dwelling, with a penthouse that can be opened on sunny days. It provides shelter for my rescued cats while they get the courage to come into the house.

merlin in his house

This is my little Merlin rescued last year, sleeping peacefully and then later his first step into the house.




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29 thoughts on “Merlin: My outdoor cat-house!

  1. morethanwordslk says:

    What a fantastic idea, Danielle! I would have never thought of building a mock house for the stray cats to get used to. I also find it amazing that the cats are able to transfer their positive feelings in the “kitty house” into going into to “big people house.” Love it!

    • Sheryl A Weinstein says:

      Merlin looks EXTREMELY happy and he is so adorable and I love HIS HOUSE!! Now, I will say Ms. Cali is once again jealous. First she wanted to live with Marc in the UK; now she wants to move to Canada and live with Danielle and family. I told Ms. Cali she is a CALIFORNIA cat where it shake and BAKES and is summer every day. She would be way too cold. She said, okay she’ll stay here then.

    • bcourtauld says:

      Well it takes the little cats quite a while before the “transfer” can take place. But it does happen. It’s wonderful when all is done before the terrible cold weather. I am working on Cat # 6 right now, and keeping my fingers crossed…

      Thank you for your kind comments

  2. mvaden1948 says:

    I’m feeding a mini cat colony on my patio and hope to have something for them for winter. Love the style of your “cat house”. Since I don’t have power tools I’m planning on altering a large cardboard box and adding some bedding. The patio is sheltered from rain and wind. I hope they will use it.
    Your kitty friends look so cozy Danielle.

    • bcourtauld says:

      Hello 1948, ( a very fine year…)

      Just wanted to tell you that I would not know what to do with power tools…
      I found the house in a Second Hand Shop and it was sooo UUUUGLY!!!!
      I am so glad that I saw the potential… and 4 coats of paint later, good old Polyfilla, sanding, and

      So have a poke around Junk Shops, you might get lucky and make your outdoor cats very lucky. In the meantime, I am sure that they will find your box quite acceptable and snuggle in the blankets when it gets cold. I do not know where you live. I am in Ontario/Canada and it gets coooold. I found one of my cats, Poor little Leo, in the dead of winter, freezing cold night, around -25C.

      Wishing you all the best and thank you on behalf of all the cats of the world for your kindness.


    • Karen B says:

      I did what you are doing mvaden, but I used an old tea chest and lined it with some polystyrene sheets. It is important to stop the damp getting into the bedding. I also put hay or straw inside because that is warmer than blankets.
      Lots of love and luck to you, thank goodness the cats have you to love them…Karen

  3. Kylee says:

    Aww they look very cute and Cozy. As it gets Cold Over there, its warmer up Over here In New Zealand. So Cats are starting to stay outside abit more. I love that Cat House what a Great Idea I bet they love it!!!

  4. Karen B says:

    I love your post Danielle. I love Merlin and his tentative steps into the house. You have a gentle and loving heart and I too am glad you do what you do. Many people think I am silly to do what I do for cats, but someone has to fight their corner. And what joy they bring!

    • bcourtauld says:

      Hello Karen,
      Keep fighting for the cats. Never mind the people . They are so silly and arrogant. ..Enjoy the felines… They give us such much joy, Yes, indeed!


    • bcourtauld says:

      Hello Karen,

      I just discovered your beautiful site. I am very excited about trying out your recipes. I will begin with the Fig and Ricotta pancakes and the Pumpkin Cake. Everything is absolutely gorgeous and gives out such a feeling of serenity.

      I had never heard of WordPress until Marc-André mentioned it to me. It was all new to me and I decided to use my HR business name instead of my own name . Are you also on Cat Lovers or other Animal groups?

      All the very best,


  5. Boomdeeadda says:

    Well bless your heart. You’ve really done a great job with all the entries (or exits). I’m glad Merlin has wandered into the right yard and has a second chance. He looks completely contented and comfortable too.

  6. dosirakbento says:

    What a cute cat house. Do you plan to give it a name? I think a small sign above those double doors on the ground floor would look cute, maybe something like “Cats Cozy”??

  7. pambrittain says:

    We have a stray someone dumped out here. Cruel to dump a cat out in the desert country. We’ve been feeding him (a gangly kitten) and he’s slowly (did I say slowly?) taming down. Not sure if we can bring him inside. The indoors cat we’re fostering for a young teenager seems to not want competition.

    Love the cat house. We took the door off a cat carrier and put it outside, but not sure if he’s taken refuge there.

    • bcourtauld says:

      It takes a long time for some cats to get to trust us and I don’t blame them… It took Merlin almost 8 months to realize that he was in good hands. He would come by for a meal, give me a good look up and down, but I was not allowed to come close to him for the longest time, and when I finally got the o.k. to proceed , he would not let me pet him. One day, he saw me cuddling Leo, one of our other rescued resident, and decided that the whole business must be safe… He then decided to stay downstairs in the Cat House. One day, I put his dish just inside our back door ( pictured here), and he took his first step into our house. You can see in the pic that he is not too sure…We have 4 other rescued cats ranging from 15 to 3 years. They were not too charmed at first, especially Errol Flynn, whom I had just rescued the year before, and was used to being the baby of the family… It takes time and patience but it all works out in the end.

      All the best to you and little “gangly”


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