Mews: Printer not working?

The things we do for our cats!

Cat owner: Hi! I am calling because my printer doesn’t work anymore.

IT support: Have you tried turning it on and off yet?

Cat owner: No I can’t!

IT support: Why not?

Cat owner: My cat is blocking the printer.

blocked printer

IT support: Right… have you tried moving your cat?

Cat owner: No she is too cute and I don’t want to wake her…

IT support: In that case there is nothing we can do. Should your printer not work after your cat moved I am afraid that damage from furrballs is not covered under our warranty *terminates call*

Cat owner: But… Nvm! I’ll just buy another printer to use and leave her this as a cat basket. 🙂

Originally posted on The Quirky Zen Lady.

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50 thoughts on “Mews: Printer not working?

  1. disappearingwoman says:

    Oh, what a cute picture!! My Sophie (in my avatar) has always come running to watch whenever our printer is working. She’s fascinated by it. If she tried to nap with it, I think her weight would break the tray!

  2. Boomdeeadda says:

    They do seem to squeeze themselves into unlikely places. This kitty is particularly cute. When I first got a kitten we named Dillin, I panicked one night when I couldn’t find him anywhere’s in the apartment. Since it wasn’t a very big place, I quickly eliminated all possibilities and began strolling around the neighbourhood in tears, calling his name. Once dark, I stumbled home, eyes swollen from crying. I went to get my PJ’s on and upon opening the drawer, found a sleeping kitty. !!!! Happiness !!! He was so small, he’d climbed in from the back, under the dresser. The drawer didn’t even push open. So that’s the first place I always look now.

  3. Nissa Annakindt says:

    My cats stay away from my printer. But my cat Katniss loves to nap in the dishpan I use to wash dishes in, and little black kitten Claude climbed into my barn boots and fell asleep there. I began a frantic search for him, even glanced into the boots since a kitten last year slept there, but he was too far down and too black to be visible. Finally after praying the Saint Anthony prayer for locating lost kitties, I looked closer and found him.

  4. Francis.R. says:

    I just love that big names in industry spend thousands of millions of dollars to research, develop, manufacture, produce, and sell machines as laptops, printers, televisions, desktop computers, scanners, etcetera. And in the end the ones that really enjoy them are kittens 😛

  5. batgurrl says:

    Reggie loves the printer. Everytime it powers up he runs down the hall. He told me there are squirrels in there. My old printer stopped working years ago. The tech had me do everything to no avail. I finally pulled on the roller bar figuring I had nothing to lose and it popped back into place. Turned out mr r had pawed down in there trying to catch the critters that run it. My silly mainecoon. R

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