Mews: BIG! Cat


Scary? Cute? Awesome? 😀

Not sure if Oli would be too impressed if I tried resting on him even if he was that big haha.

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193 thoughts on “Mews: BIG! Cat

      1. This is my idea of heaven ~ listening to that giant purr, etc…then I’d buy a saddle & ride them down three flights of stairs, and out onto the street, and trot to the store!

        But I’d def hire a hazmat team to clean the litter box!

  1. Oh this is so lovely 🙂 I wished to have a cat like that “BIG”, you don’t need to buy any furniture 🙂 But just one things made me scary, imagine her “flea” 🙂 Thank you, love, nia

    1. I need one of those., My one kitty was declawed by my sister (not my thing) but I have it and do what I can to protect her. Still no other cat will mess her for a few reasons but no claws and all, she climbs trees and catches all sorts of prey. The sweetest cat I have ever seen. My black cat is cool and both are in one of my blogs today.

  2. This was too good not to share, but my first thought was about how I can’t move on the bed as it is with my little cats. Should this creature want to share, how would I dare say no?

  3. Thank you for following my blog. I decided to check you out, and found my new kitty. No problem with me running one of this size over, but I’m wondering about what happens if she sits in my lap very long. A very nice guard cat though. I’ll have to start looking for one.

  4. Advantages:
    1. Evil intent more easily detected on giant features.
    2. Less-likely insinuation of evil slinky self between human legs whilst said legs are negotiating stairs.
    3. Likelihood that yappy stray Chihuahuas will replace former now-miniscule-prey of mice.

    –Not A Cat Person

  5. Marc Andre – thanks for having a look at my blog. I have 11 cats here on my farm – they are all sterilised (that’s a story in itself), and they all get properly fed. Otherwise, it’s just my wife and I. You should see our shopping trolley…



    1. LOL. But bears 0.0? Really! Th last one in my hometown forest was cute and cuddly (fed by tourists. Not THE tourists tho lol) but he passed away 🙁

  6. Being that much smaller than my male cat would be frightening.
    Not that he would mean to cause me any harm, but I fear he would try to “play” with me…and it wouldn’t end well.

  7. Thankyou for following my site and ‘my two little boys’.
    I just love this gigantic cuddle and look forward to seeing more as I following you.

  8. What to do with the litter box? lol! By the way, thanks for checking out my blog, Marc-André. Your featured cats here are adorable! 🙂

  9. This is so funny and would have many uses! But I’m just thinking, when it’s raining outside imagine the huge muddy paw prints! Our Jimmy, a big polydactyl cat leaves ginormous paw prints when he comes in from the catio when it rains! 🙂

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