Produt Review: Kivikis Cat Cave + Cat Cave photo story

Hi everyone,

Today we have a review of a cat cave made of natural wool for you! This cave is made by Kivikis and you can find their website by clicking here.

They produce 100% eco-friendly products and each cave is hand crafted by them. This of course means that you will find that these caves will come in different sizes.

To ensure that you get the most of your cave it of course needs to be cleaned from time to time. Kivikis provides us with a very easy to follow instruction video for this!

So how was our experience? The cat cave arrived securely wrapped in plastic foil to ensure that the box and the cave would not get wet or otherwise contaminated on its journey from Lithuania to us in the UK.

Nubia of course decided to give us a paw unpacking this as you can see below:


Nubia: What do you mean I am not really helping???


Nubia: Fine! Let me give you a paw human! 😀

And after (slight) obstructions caused by our little helper we finally managed to unpack the cave! We went for a large one as we wanted to make sure that Oli had enough space for his random collection of toys. (Which he tends to hide in caves…)


The cave is very well crafted as you can see above.

So how does it compare in the test? Here is the thing it was a brilliant experience! Nubia went straight for it. You wouldn’t believe it but Nubia usually doesn’t like cat caves at all. Could have to do with a traumatic experience in her kittenhood before we got her from the charity but fact is that she has never ever used a cat cave in her life with us!


Nubia: *Excited tail flap*


Nubia: This is cool! I like it.


Nubia: Hi! <3

Apologies for the poor photo quality of the last two but the camera doesn’t do well on focusing on lil Ms Nubes in the dark (for obvious colour reasons 😉 but we were just soooo happy that she uses it. 🙂

So you are wondering what cat 2 aka Mr Oliver said about the cave? Well he too loves it!


Oliver: I wonder if I can hide in here =D!


Oliver: Oh no… camera human found me!


Oliver: *What was that noise*


Nubia: *ROAR* That is my cave!!!

Oliver: But but… It’s big enough for both of us!

So as you can see from our little fun photo story with the two its a 100% success rate on our cats. 🙂

If you would like to get your own kivikis cat cave it is available in different sizes and colours. We personally went for a grey one as this matched our carpet and sofa. 😀

You can find available online retailers in different countries on their website by clicking here.

Or alternatively they also have a handy shop on Etsy which you can access by clicking here.

And this is their about us from their Etsy shop:

My name is kivikis ;)))
I’m an artist, interesting in media arts and graphic design. Currently studying about wool felting.
I glad to see you and Welcome to my small shop.
For a long time I’ve played with the idea of working with wool and I’ve read hundreds of articles and books about felt wool craft. With small steps starting from that idea I’ve begin to practice and make different small items for my friends and family. I loved it! And I became more and more addicted to this job. After I’ve knew about Etsy, I decided to take the next step to open a shop here.
From then I’ve tried to become better with every day. From felting, stitching, photographing and shipping i will put all my effort and skills in building YOUR PERSONAL 100% HANDMADE item.
All product are shipped from Lithuania.

If you would like to contact them or see more of their photos you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Hope you are looking forward to more stories from us and don’t forget you can now follow us on Bloglovin by clicking here!



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32 thoughts on “Produt Review: Kivikis Cat Cave + Cat Cave photo story

  1. That is one very cool bed!!I love felting and I think this is clearly a winner ..seems the kitties gave it a big four paws up! I did think perhaps Nubia was wondering where the cat in the picture on the box was hahahaahah…maybe thats’ why Nubie went in 😉 hugs Fozziemum xx

      1. Yep we have bed squashers here too…like Snoopy they prefer on top…where they can keep a close eye on all things! hahahha 🙂 I may have a go at it..i have all my sheepies wool here 🙂

        1. I wish I had access to good wool xD . I need to make a new felt toy for Nubes. Very simple felt balls on a string – 8£ in the shop. But it was her favorite toy (now chewed up xD )

          1. Yep. Tell me about it… She keeps sitting on front of the toy cupboard and meows at me constantly. Keep trying to explain to her that she destroyed it lol. So far no luck finding a replacement – they were sold out xD

          2. Good question actually if they would. I think the UK only goes mad about meat products lol. (My aunt from the US once sent beef jerky that never got here haha)

            Hopefully my work friend can please lol ms noisy 😀

    1. Sorry no videos for this one at the moment XD! The temperature has gone up again so right now they prefer it squished down as a bed to lie on. 🙂 When it gets colder again I shall take a video for you and the other readers of them going inside. 😀

    1. Yep! 🙂 has Cody used it as a nest instead of a cat cave too btw? Temperature went up here so Oli decided to squash it down and lie on too of it haha. It’s soooo cute when he does that.

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