Snowball: The almighty pharaoh


Did I ever tell you of my previous life? I used to be KING among my people! I was the cat of a MIGHTY Pharaoh! All kats of upper and lower Egypt bowed to my meow! I was their king and GOD!


Now in my later days of life I like to entertain these humans of London!

12 thoughts on “Snowball: The almighty pharaoh

  1. Well King are doing a great job…I have Egyptian statues everywhere here in my home..and my Bast is in the garden…she protects the nip plants of course 🙂 perhaps we know each other as I am sure I too had a previous life in the day of the Pharaoh…feels very familiar to me…plus I cannot live without my kohl eyeliner…even if I am old as dirt 😉 hugs Fozziemum xxx

  2. I know most tuxedos have personality to spare, but in this picture Snowball makes the others truly look like a still lake to his raging river. Either that, or he decided it had been too long since his human servants had acknowledged his divinity.

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