Product Review: Kerbl Siesta Hammock

Hi everyone,

This time we reviewed a purrtastic cat Hammock for you guys!

The cat Hammock is made by the German company Kerbl and available in the UK through Amazon.

It has a wooden frame and comes in individual pieces for easy assembly.

The size of the hammock is 73 cm length by 36 cm width by 34 cm height which is ideal for kitten and small cats.

So let us start with assembling it!


All pieces come inside a sealed plastic bag.


You are probably thinking how is this going to turn into a hammock! Well it is all there wooden frame, stand, screws and even a screw driver so no need to find one that fits. 🙂


Stage 1! we put together the frame. fairly easy and didn’t take much time.


Stage 2: And we conneted the frame to the stand – again with screws. Got to point out that it did come with some wood glue that you are meant to put on the stand part that connects to the frame, however in our opinion due to the shape you can leave the glue. The screws themselves already hold it as securely as possible.


And Stage 3: We connected the hammock part to the frame. Now this was a little more challenging.

When it came out of the box the strings holding up the hammock part were slightly too long but nothing you can’t fix with a pair of scissors. Just make sure that if you do cut them to cut both sides at equal length and try it out before cutting it! Or alternatively just knot it! This way you can change how much it can swing later on. (Which is what we did. :))


As you can see Nubes was quite curios as to what this was. She even tried to take out a bite of it at first LOL. Yes she does apply the good old if i can chew on it I can sleep on it or play with it cattitude. 😉


And Oli was curious too 🙂

So what do we think about the Kerbl Hammock?


  • Easy to assemble it
  • Comes with everything out of the box! Including the necessary screw driver.
  • Sturdy thanks to the wooden frame
  • Plush material that at least both of our cats LOVE
  • Super cute! 🙂


  • Length of the strings may need adjusting and that is really the only negative point! And as per the company information this is intended so you can choose if you want ti more “swinging” or more stable.

In terms of is this suitable for your cat? This depends we believe that this hammock is ideally suitable for kitten – Potentially even for VERY small cats.

Below is a photo of Nubes enjoying her Hammock though as you can see at her 4 kg she is unfortunately a bit big for the Hammock.


Because of this she decided a more contemporary approach at using the hammock…


Yes she is doing a royal living room observation from the hammock LOL! More fun photo stories of her and the Hammock to follow. 🙂 She found her own ways of playing with it while sometimes curling up on it. ^^

If you would like to get this purrfect Hammock for your own kitten head over to Amazon to get your own!

Now if only Kerbl was to do a larger version of this otherwise it is just purrfect. ^^

Any questions or comments let us know!



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22 thoughts on “Product Review: Kerbl Siesta Hammock

    • Marc-André says:

      Haha! so very true.

      She really loves this one now even though it is on the smaller side of things for grown up cats. You can of course see ALL HER HAIR on the hammock so I keep brushing it LOL

    • Marc-André says:

      Oh no. 🙁 Have you tried putting it away for a while?

      And don’t we all love our cats for ignoring the toys we get for them sometimes LOL. Got to say it does help that between Yuki and myself we have 4 cats in 2 households so we do swap stuff out. 😀

      • alicechauginguene says:

        I have actually tried it on 6 cats at this stage. Only 2 of them are my own cats, the other 4 are foster cats, none of them are interested. Though you are right to point out maybe size is an issue, coz all of these cats are on the big side…maybe I should try it on kittens next time…

  1. greg1948 says:

    My only question is, “What do you do with the parts that are left over when you are finished assembling it?” That is always a problem I have.

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