Mews: Simon’s Cat Indiegogo Film Campaign! OMC!


Hello everyone,

We just came accross the fantastic news that Simon’s Cat is planning a FILM and is running a campaign on indiegogo for this. 🙂

The film is going to be called Simon’s cat in off to the vet (Who of us can’t feel for him there?)

YouTube introduction for the campaign and film below:

Now which perk to go for?


Cuddly cat plushy?



Limited Edition hardback!

Help us decide hehe 🙂

Full press release for this can be found below:

The #1 UK animation channel on YouTube with over 500,000,000 views!

London, 15th July 2014 – The lovable and mischievous Simon’s Cat first appeared online in the animated film ‘Cat Man Do’, which was a viral smash-hit on YouTube in 2008. Now boasting over half a billion views and 3 million subscribers, Simon’s Cat is the #1 UK animation channel on YouTube.

The Simon’s Cat animation studio is looking to fund a special extended-length, colour episode, based on the chaos that erupts on the day of a veterinarian appointment. For this they have adopted the Indiegogo crowd-funding platform.

Simon’s Cat creator Simon Tofield explains “In the messages we receive from fans, a film about preparing for and visiting the vet is definitely the most common request. It’s a deep subject to explore, rich with the potential of loads of humour which is why we feel we’d like to make this our first broadcast length episode in colour! I am so grateful to our fans for their wonderful support!”

Indiegogo’s UK’s Anastasia Emmanuel says “We’re delighted and proud to have helped the Simon’s Cat team achieve their ambitions with ‘Off to the Vet’. We’ve successfully helped fund the ideas of hundreds of creators, inventors and businesses across the globe. Simon’s Cat is definitely one of the most fun and memorable campaigns we’ve ever hosted. We can’t wait to see the final film!”

For more information visit:





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19 thoughts on “Mews: Simon’s Cat Indiegogo Film Campaign! OMC!

  1. Timothy Price says:

    I love Simon’s cat. I had to miss a vet appointment Saturday because Guildenstern was all of a sudden nowhere to be found. I think he checked the calendar on my computer and saw the appointment, because we didn’t think we had done anything to clue him in. He showed up 2 hours past the scheduled appointment.

    • Marc-André says:

      Lol! There are other ways to hide from the vet and medicine and far cuter! Such as hiding in a tunnel :). Nubes has done that before. Have a look in her category. It’s labelled “no more eye drops” hehe 🙂

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