Crazy Cats from Greece

We would like to introduce us to the amazing Katzenworld Blog!!!

This is how our journey began 5 years ago when we were a big family of five beautiful kittens….after Giota collected us from the streets.

Anddd this is me Portokaloulis (Orange) from the time I remember me I was a good cat and different from my siblings, the only one with bright colours.

And this is me Charoula (Happiness). I’m the female of this family and the most beautiful and sporty.

Dont think that we are still so small and skinny. At our current age, we put on some weight….hmmm if we can say some!!!


No-one can pass….


Portokalouli’s wedding bed


Making beautiful eyes to the lens


His observation post….flower pot


His Summer Teddy


His Winter Lover….no no this isn’t his sister for sure 😉

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