Catching Up with Yoda’s Adventures: Where Will He Go Next?

It’s been awhile friends! Last we spoke to you, we were well settled in Kathmandu, Nepal. Flash forward a year and half and our Yoda has traveled to 4 more countries and flown more than 10.000 miles. Not bad for a furry beast! Wanna know how he does it? Read on to discover how Yoda continues his adventures around the world.

YodaTree | Fluffy Kitty
Yoda climbing trees | France

Nepal was by far the wildest adventure we’ve had with our beast (especially riding on a bicycle with him) but it did not stop there. We are travelers at heart and while it’s not always easy, it sure is always exciting! After Nepal, we all flew back to the USA for the summer to say hi to the rest of the family before heading back to Europe. Yoda reunited with his “cousins” (Brittany’s sister’s pets): 3 dogs, two cats and a crazy macaw.

It’s always amazing to see this little world interact. All the barking, meowing and singing… I think we are quite lucky as they all get along very well and adapt so quickly to each other.

Yoda rug | Fluffy Kitty
Yoda on his rug | Belgium

Summer went by fast and he soon had to say goodbye to his crew to start on a new adventure. I had to leave early to see my family in France so Brittany was the one who took care of bringing Yoda to the airport.

While she stayed a little longer in the US, Yoda flew on his own to Paris where I went to pick him up. I don’t know if you’ve ever had the chance to pick an animal up at the airport but it is quite a funny process (put aside all the paperwork).

Yoda and Bri | Fluffy Kitty
Yoda & Brittany working on Fluffy Kitty | USA

To picture the scene, you need to imagine a gigantic warehouse, usually used for cargo goods coming from all over the world. The warehouse is looking quite empty at this very early time in the morning (it was 6am), making the scene even funnier and disproportionate. Here comes Yoda in his large crate on top of a big, powerful forklift that could probably carry 4000 pounds. He was delivered to me (although very gently) like some kind of construction material!

After a good laugh, we drove back together to the center of France to spend a few more weeks with family and friends before starting the next part of our journey to the Netherlands, where Brittany started her master’s program in humanitarian action.

Once more Yoda traveled by car for hundreds of miles to reach this new unfamiliar place, home of the gouda cheese, windmills, millions of bicycles, canals and so much more.

Yoda Car | Fluffy Kitty
Yoda’s European road trip | Passing through Luxembourg

Not that Yoda interacted much with any of those, but he did have his share of adventures. We often say that cats are creatures of habits. That might be true for some, but Yoda shows us that an ever changing life can also be managed, even with a furry friend.

Think about it: while in the Netherlands, we changed home 3 times in less than a year. For most cats I believe that would be quite the challenge. Well for Yoda, that’s just excitement, other opportunities to put his nose everywhere and climb and run around…Overall, he seems to be a pretty happy kitty!

Yoda and Peter | Fluffy Kitty
Yoda & Peter | The Netherlands

He even met a friend as we were cat sitting for our tenant in one of those places. Yoda the indoor, traveling cat met Peter, a black and white outdoor scaredy cat. At first we thought those two would never get along but after a week of slow introduction and positive reinforcement, they overcame their fear of each other and became not-so-close napping buddies.

As of today, we are in Brussels, Belgium. Our little family is enjoying winter here before a new start. Yoda enjoys settling down from time to time, just like his parents. In Brussels he hasn’t been able to go outside as much, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to escape out the window and scale the rooftops of Brussels for a better look at the city (yes that really happened and Brittany almost jumped out after him).

Yoda & Bri | Fluffy Kitty
Sunny morning in Brussels| Belgium

But all adventures aside, we’re also writing to say we’ve decided on our next destination! We think Yoda will be pretty pleased with it, too. Want a clue?
…Tacos and tequila! 😉

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Yoda’s Across the World Adventure to CATmandu, Nepal

Traveling in your twenties is quite the thrill.  Traveling in your twenties with a cat, however, is quite the elaborate trick; one that Paul and I would somehow have to figure out.  In two weeks!

I say two weeks because that’s how long I was given to pack up my comfortable life in North Carolina and fly to Kathmandu, Nepal.

What would you do? If you thought you were going to live away from home for two+ years, would you take your furbaby with you?

I thought so.  After all, Yoda is our pride and joy; and quite frankly, I couldn’t imagine living or traveling without him.  Cats have always been an integral part of my life, especially growing up.  But enough about me, the real superstar of this show is Yoda.

It’s because of Yoda that Paul and I even started our own cat blog, Fluffy Kitty.  Yoda’s a kitty and he’s fluffy (you should see the curls under his tummy) so put two and two together and there you go – a snazzy name for an obvious genre of blog.

So, this is the story of our Yoda.


We first laid eyes on our handsome boy in July 2014, just after returning home from a year in France.  He was officially ours just a few days later.  Adopted at 10 weeks, Yoda quickly became exposed to the hustle and bustle that is our lifestyle.  Car rides, public parks, other pets, walking on a leash, Yoda was a kitten who grew up learning to adapt to mostly everything.  This was put to the test one year later.

It’s July 2015. I’ve got a whole notebook of “things to do” before leaving to Kathmandu, and getting Yoda all squared to go made up the majority of that list.  Vet appointments, international health certificates, signatures, FedEx, airline regulations, oh I mean it felt like a two-week long adventurous nightmare.

Yoda and I’s first flight was national, meaning that he could fly in-cabin with me.  Yoda’s cage was an inch too tall to fit under the seat.  “Oh no..,” I thought.  “Ma’am, if you can’t fit that cage under that seat we’re going to have to ask you to reschedule your flight.” “Don’t worry, I’ll make it fit,” I said with a smile.

And sure enough I did. Yoda didn’t make a peep the entire way.  By the way, if you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be a celebrity, simply walk through an airport with a pet carrier displaying stickers reading “LIVE ANIMALS” written in bright green letters.


We spent all night in the Philadelphia airport. Forget sleep.  I was so worried about Yoda that I’d go in the biggest stall of the bathroom every 30 minutes to let him out.  I took a bunch of toilet paper and poured some cat litter I had in a small Ziploc bag in the middle to try and make him go potty.  Little did I know at the time that Yoda wouldn’t go pee until 3 whole days later (due to lack of finding a litter box in pet shops in Kathmandu, I ended up making one from a cardboard box).  Can you imagine the relief? Wow.

After thirty-six brutal hours of traveling, Yoda and I finally landed in Kathmandu, Nepal.  When we were reunited again he let me know he was alright by licking my finger when I poked it through the front door to his carrier.

One insane drive through Kathmandu later, we found ourselves in our new empty room.  I wish I could know what he was thinking at that time, but I imagine it was similar to what I was thinking, “What the hell just happened?”  Two weeks of crazy life happened, Yoda.  Something he knows a little too well now I think, after living here for nearly eight months.

Together we’ve done many exciting and scary things since being here! For example, running out of the house because of a terrifying earthquake tremor; riding three on the bicycle on the busiest road in Kathmandu; moving out of that old room to a new one (just recently); experiencing the Nepali vet care; catching fleas (only Yoda ^^) and struggling for months to get rid of them; discovering what it means to take a bucket bath (Yoda included!); getting sick from eating bad food (expired cat food for Yoda, food poisoning for us); and the list doesn’t end there.


Traveling in your twenties is exciting.  Traveling in your twenties with a cat is an adventure!

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