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Oliver & Nubia: The cube!

Nubia: Hmmm what is this? A pillow with holes? A mouse trap? Cat toy of [...]


Nubia: Who is there?!?

I just heard someone downstairs! Time to catvestigate. *Looks around* Oh it was just you [...]


Oliver & Nubia: Good morning world (cute pictures await :D)

Hello there fellow felines and humans! So it’s a rather sunny day here in London [...]

MAO~SAMA’s Sunday adventure!

Dear Diary, Sunday, TRULY was a really SUNNY-day. It was 25°C. My humans opened all [...]


Oliver: My Kingdom

Who dares to trespass my kingdom!!! Begone or i shall have to call in my [...]

Random picture: Nubia Camouflage

Got home to Nubia thinking she is a chameleon and needs to blend in with [...]


Oli&Nubi’s photos

These are Oliver&Nubia’s photos that I took during 3 weeks! They really like boxes and [...]

Nubs the Editor

So Nubia decided tonight that she would like to take a more active role in [...]

Oliver & Nubia: “Cuddle” time

We sometimes may have issues with little quarrels between the two but this picture certainly [...]


Both of our kitties after a round of laser pointer chasing!

Apparently nothing is better than one of those laser pointers to tire out mischievous lil [...]