Can Cats be Wicked?

Can Cats be Wicked?

Hello Katzenworld Fans,

As we all know, cats are adorable and mostly loved by all. We hardly hear anything bad about them, and in reality, they are one of the easiest pets to take care of. However, today I wish to talk about the ones that are known to be not so nice and discuss whether there is a possible reason for it.

Looking into the casting crew of many animation films and books I can distinctively remember this one cat. He not only found chasing mice and eating them as a pleasurable sport but he also would create conflict between the pets in the house, causing them to get kicked outside.

Along side, the mischievous behaviour mentioned he would also create more work for his keeper and found it incredibly entertaining when she would get punished for his failed evil ideas.

Who is this cat you ask? Why, it is our very own black fur, toothy grin, and sneaky wicked cheating predator called LUCIFER.

Can a cat be so mean or do we just see them in fiction? Has anyone ever been owned by a cat that was just vicious? Can animals have a wicked side to them or are they all sweet natured and just good spirited. Let me know in the comment section!

My belief is that animals are all good-natured from the start. It is their keeper demonstrating and teaching them the wrong way of behaving which then reflects on them. Being mean or wicked maybe the case in Lucifer’s case but I can almost guarantee that if he had a different owner, he might have never been that cruel.

What are your thoughts on this topic? I would love to hear your opinion.

Written by Jeyran Main

Jeyran is a blogger, consumer reviewer, book editor, book promoter and a freelance book translator. Her website Review Tales demonstrates her thoughts, reflections and book reviews.

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Fictional Cats – Spread the Love for Cats this Christmas

Hello, Katzenworld Fans!

The world loves cats, but beyond the cute photos and memes, it would be nice to sometimes look further and pay attention to the more serious parts they play in our lives.

I am honoured to be here and would like to share with you some books that have been written about cats. These are fictional cat stories that would be nice to gift this Christmas.

Cat In The Hat written by Dr. Seuss’s book.

Photo Credit: Living Books Wiki
Photo Credit: Living Books Wiki

A mischievous anthropomorphic feline from Dr. Seuss’s book of the same name.

Captain Wow in The Game of Rat and Dragon- written by Cordwainer

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

A telepathic tom cat who works happily alongside humans to fight outer space monsters known as Dragons, Captain Wow perceives them like rats and is a successful slayer of these invaders.

Electra in Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats

Image Credit: Wikipedia
Image Credit: Wikipedia

One of the youngest female kittens in the tribe of Jellicle cats. Like many of the other young feline characters, she is in awe of the Rum Tum Tugger, a flirtatious roguish male main character.

The Master and Margarita written by Mikhail Bulgakov

Image Credit: Amazon
Image Credit: Amazon

The greatest cat in all of the literature might just be Behemoth, the gun-crazy, vodka-swilling, wisecracking feline — a kind of cracked Puss-in-Boots — that pals around with Satan in the 1930s Moscow of Bulgakov’s classic. He’s also, as his name suggests, rather enormous. And he won’t let you forget it.

Kafka on the Shore written by Haruki Murakami

Image Credit: Amazon
Image Credit: Amazon

Cats weave in and out of many of Murakami’s twisty, surreal worlds, but if you’re hunting for literary felines, or, like Nakata, can talk to them directly, this is the novel for you. And you may just learn something — after all, as they will tell you, “cats know everything, unlike dogs.”

Do you remember the last time you read a book about cats? Leave a comment and tell me what you thought about it!

Article Credits: Jeyran Main

Twitter: @Talesreview

Facebook: Talesreview