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As you’ve reached this page you are probably interest in doing a Guest Post on our Blog!

We do welcomethese on our Blog and the general guidelines below apply to this type of content:

  • Must be cat focussed (Other animals are welcome to be mentioned but the focus should be on cats or members of the feline family such as Tigers, Lions and Lynx)
  • A minimum of 2 photos / images are required (The longer the post the more are recommended). Exception being infographics where one infographic will be sufficient though it would be nice to get a banner!
  • Photos should ideally be a minimum of 700 width, it is recommended to send in high res images which we can resize accordingly
  • An author bio / link to your own Blog, Website or Social Media profile are welcome

Guest Posts:
We define guest posts as content from authors that do not work for a client or are trying to make profit through placing of backlinks on our page. This type of post is suitable for:

  • Authors including Book authors, Bloggers etc trying to raise a profile / increase the reach of their own Blog
  • Charities that would like to talk about successes or raise awareness of certain topics
  • Vet professionals including Nurses and Veterinarians that would like to supply cat health articles. Direct links to their own clinic or a supporting charity are encouraged.
  • Any private individual that would just like to submit a cute or funny story of their own cats

There is NO cost to post a guest post. We are always happy to have a new one off Guest Blogger or permanent guest Bloggers join our ranks!

To submit a guest post contact us via email and attach your story as a Word or similar document including all images you would like to use.

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