Vital Facts You Need To Know About Your Pets Caring

We all like pets and love to have more than one pet in our home. Pet lovers really take care of their pets like a family member. Cats, fish, dogs, birds, etc are some of the common pets that are seen in many of the homes across the world. Since pets completely depend on us for everything, there is always a need to understand how to take care of your pets effectively.


You need to make available both physical and emotional support to your pet. Proper nutrition together with regular exercise is most likely the most imperative thing that you can do to keep your pet healthy. It is imperative to know how to look after pets before you bring a pet into your family. The following tips will preset you vital facts you need to know about your pets caring:

Do Regular Check Up

It is important for the pet owners to do regular check up for their pets. Doing regular check up for your pet lets you to confirm that your pet is fit and healthy. Your pet can suffer from many diseases and health troubles. Heart problems, developing arthritis, and suffering from toothache are some of the very common illness in many pets. The finest means to put a stop to such problems is seeing a veterinarian regularly. You have to conduct suggested vaccinations, parasite control, dental exam, and health screenings of your pets.


Build Up a Bond of Love

It’s important for the pet owners to build up a bond of love with their pet. If you love your pets, they will love you back unconditionally. Caring for a pet is a big accountability, and pet caring cannot be taken into carelessly. Pet caring should be aimed at productively building a bond of love and trust.

Treat Like Family Members

Pets should be treated like family members. Pets should be granted with the attention that we give to our families. You should treat your pet as an important member of your family. Dogs, cats, birds and other pets rely on you for love and shelter. So, keep them safe, take them for walks, and make them a part of your family. Treating a pet like a family member makes the animals that we own feel happier, and become pleased with your care.

Provide Nutritious Food

It is essential for your pet to get nutritious food every time in order to keep the pet fit and healthy. You should provide them some kind of meat and the foods that are high in good protein. You can request your veterinary doctor for food suggestions. They can suggest a food that is just right for your pet and can advice you how much to feed to suit your pet.


Feed Pets on a Regular Timetable

Pets need to get food on a regular timetable like humans. Feeding your dog, cat or birds on a regular timetable will help you to nurture your pet’s health successfully. You have to feed your pet at least twice a day. You have got to know the exact quantity of food that is required to feed your pet every day and make a timetable to keep your pet away from starving. Feed your pet in the morning and in the evening. A stable routine of feeding can keep them in good physical shape.

Provide Water

Give your pets clean drinking water. Water is as important as food and water is crucial for pets to survive. Make sure to provide your pet open access to water at all times. This is especially important for cats on a dry food diet as they need plenty of water to compensate for this.

Provide Shelter

Pet owners cannot keep their pets anywhere they like and should provide them instead with a safe shelter. You have to offer your pets a chance to live in a safe home. A safe, clean and comfortable shelter is essential for the pets. So, build up a room that is as clean and safe as possible.


Plenty of Exercise

Pet owners should help their pet with plenty of exercise. Provide the right amount of exercise for the type of cat you have. Providing pets plenty of exercise would help them to move very easily and prevents them from becoming obese. Playing games with things such as teaser or providing your cat with an interactive playground can help keep them active.


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12 thoughts on “Vital Facts You Need To Know About Your Pets Caring

  1. franhunne4u says:

    Feed Pets on a Regular Timetable

    Pets need to get food on a regular timetable like humans.

    I admit, this riles me up. My tom was a barn cat before the shelter organisation took him in (with 6 month, first he only should get castrated). Do you really think out “in the wild” a cat would catch a mouse on a regular timetable?

    My cats get fed twice a day wet food (of which they do not eat all) and have some kibbles at their disposal for quick snacks throughout the rest of the time. Yes, I cannot control exactly who eats how much and what. That is a disadvantage.

    But they are no dogs which eat till they are nearly bursting – cats are far more a snack kind of eater. And my two are not FAT.

    Left on its own devices a cat has to catch 10 mice to get through a day – and no, they do not line those mice up five in the morning, five in the evening. They catch them when they can. One mouse at a time. Or a bird. Or a lizard. Or a beetle/spider/hamster, even small rabbits or rats have been known to be prey. Cats are very apt hunters, still they only have a success rate of 50 % and they sleep about 16 hours a day. So their meals are anything but regular! It would be highly unnatural to insist on punctual meals.

    Sometimes my tom is not even very hungry when I deliver his food and he comes later to the bowl.

    • Marc-André says:

      True in most parts indeed. There is a recent study on crystalitis in cats though which is a problem that is made worse by irregular feeding in house cats.

      The reason behind this is that a lot of processed food and especially dry food increases the acid levels of the cats blood which if it only happened at regular feeding intervals would be fine but because it happens throughout the day at small meals causes the build up of crystals in the bladder.

      Now of cats on a fully organic meat diet this wouldn’t be a problem. Hence why it’s never been a problem for farm or wild cats…

      Otherwise though you are right. 🙂

  2. Cattie's World says:

    Tons of Information here for Pet Owners.
    Tell me, if you feed meats (mince type) to little pups, 1 month old or so, does it make the Pups “Aggressive” ? . I had gone to my friend’s place to see her new pups, one and half month and she was giving them chappatis and milk and rice. They are vegans. So I went and got the pups, nice flavored boiled chicken mince. After feeding them for 3 days, (once a day), we noticed that the Pups got aggressive and starting barking and snapping when we cuddled them, which earlier they used to enjoy. Is is true that feeding meats to pups are dangerous ?

  3. headwindjournal says:

    Is English your native language? As a professional writer for 40 years, I have to say this is a very poorly written piece. Are you serious when you say you help people write? “I gloat of amazing composition aptitudes and information because of my mastery in the field of composing.” This makes no sense. I suggest that if you want to continue as a writer, you take some composition and logic classes.

    • Marc-André says:

      Hi there,

      Apologies I should have run this guest post past our volunteer editor. Unfortunately her and me have been super busy this last few months so I scanned over the guest submission before approving it but seem to have missed that it needed a bit of correction. ;o

      I don suppose you’d be interested in guest editing submission for us? Haha xD

      • headwindjournal says:

        Sorry, I am not normally so mean, but something in me snapped … you guys do a great job with the blog. After writing and editing for others for 40 years, I’m now thinking through what I want to do. Not ready to make commitments at this time, but may be sending you some articles in the new year. Best wishes.

        • Marc-André says:

          That’s no problem at all! 🙂

          I’m just sorry I missed grammar issues on a guest post as I normally get that corrected straight away.

          And let us know whenever you’ve got time for a story. 😀

  4. Nancee56 says:

    Oh these are all so important tips. Our pets have always been cared for like any other member of the family, as they are after all part of the family. I miss them so!

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