Your Friday Art Cat Runs for Cover

When the world news is just too burdensome to bear, your Friday Art Cat finds comfort in finding a hole in which to hide. In fact, she might stay in this particular hole for the next four years.

Pen drawing of cat tree.
Come and get me when it’s over, and bring tuna.

I have a somewhat regular blog where you can see my art and cats at Art is Not for Sissies. Thanks so much for following!
Carol Parker Mittal

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When in doubt, add a kitty.


16 thoughts on “Your Friday Art Cat Runs for Cover

  1. We hid today because it’s the cleaner’s day and they used a vacuum!! But we are not going to hide because of that man whose hair we would like to hunt. It looks like prey to us. Purrrr.

  2. Can I go in there with Art Cat? I’m a vegetarian but that means she can have ALL the tuna. I live right outside Washington, DC next to a State Department installation, so my nerves are shot for the foreseeable future.

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