Interviews with Celebrity Cats: Doozer the Ragdoll

In our latest instalment of celebrity cats, we meet Doozer the Bluepoint Ragdoll who is (almost) 5 years old and his servants, Caz and Wain of Basingstoke, who dutifully record his furry escapades for cat lovers on Instagram.

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How would you describe Doozer’s character? Playful, cute, floppy, cheeky, friendly, crazy at times!

Does he have any special characteristics or abilities? Big Blue Eyes, Fluffy tail and the loudest meow and purr!

Have you always been a ‘cat’ person?  Caz says, ‘I have always been a cat person, I grew up with a ginger moggy cat. Wain was a dog person for most his life – until he met and owned Doozer and now he is the biggest convert.’

How did you get Doozer? What endeared you to him?
Wain says, ‘I wanted to get a special surprise birthday present for Caz for her 30th birthday. Knowing how much she liked cats, I made it my mission to find her an extra special one. I am allergic to cats, but I did some research into breeds and found that house cats are ideal if you are allergic, because quite often its not the cats people are allergic to it’s the dust and pollen they collect on their fur if they go out. I looked up breeds of housecat and ragdolls stood out because of their friendly floppy cuddly nature. I found a breeder local to us, who was breeding for the first time. I contacted her about a year before Caz’s 30th and arranged to bring Caz to her to pick out one of the litter a few months before her birthday.

Caz says, ‘I had no idea Wain had planned this and was blown away when we turned up at the breeders house, what a great surprise! Wain said as the breeder answered the door “we are here to pick out a kitten”! I was so happy! The litter was 5 mitted girls and 2 blue point boys. We chose Doozer because he was sleeping quietly on the chair, so we thought he looked calm and cute. He had a slight heart murmur when we chose him and the breeder asked us to pick a back up kitten in case it got worse. We knew in our minds we wanted Doozer no matter what however, so when he got the all clear we were so happy!’

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Have you got any funny stories about Doozer?
We have so many funny stories, Doozer is a cheeky little rascal. Since going out into his new ‘Protectapet’ garden, he has found new spaces to explore. One being the garage, it’s like an amazing new world to him! He meows in pure excitement and joy every time he sets foot in there, however one day he decided to jump up into the rafters! We knew he wouldn’t be able escape out of the garage so we weren’t worried, we always thought he might try to jump up there by climbing onto Wain’s van. So Doozer jumped up and sniffed and rummaged around for a bit. I called him down but he was having far to much fun it seemed, until I heard about 30 minutes later a quiet and cute “meow”… I looked up and could see these two big blue eyes looking down at me – he didn’t know how to get down!! Safe to say after a little coaxing encouragement he jumped down onto a safe part of the van, and hasn’t been up there since!!

Caz says, ‘The other funny thing he does we have discovered is he responds to whistling. This was found out by accident one day, as I walked around the house whistling he followed me meowing very loudly, I knelt down and whistled to him and he came up to me! Now if he is in his ‘Protectapet’ garden and we need him to come in, I stand at the door and whistle and he comes in. Or if I want cuddles on the bed I whistle. Its almost like we have trained him like a dog!!’

What is his favourite thing to do?
Doozer LOVES to patrol his garden, we will let him out and he wanders around with his tail straight up, sniffing and walking around his fence! He also likes to watch the pigeons on the neighbours roof, chase bugs and jump and catch flies! He also likes to play hide and seek with Wain! And when he isn’t doing all of that he loves to sleep and flop on his back, rolling around with his belly in the air for cuddles.

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Why did you bring ProtectaPet in and what impact has the cat fence had on your and Doozer’s lives?
ProtectaPet has transformed our lives! We kept Doozer as a housecat for 2 years, but it was challenging. We couldn’t open the windows properly or keep the patio doors open – in the summer this made our lives hard work. Doozer was also desperate to go out, he is a housecat at heart but a lack of fresh air and sunshine was getting him down and he would have so much energy he would seem wound up! So we looked up garden fencing and cat containment systems. It was a friend who suggested Protectapet through Facebook, we liked the look of the product and how reasonable it seemed to cost. I emailed for a quote and within a few weeks we had purchased the product. We decided to install it ourselves and the first time we ever let Doozer out was amazing! We wished we had installed it much sooner when we first got Doozer.

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Doozer absolutely loves his garden and we have total piece of mind that he cant escape at all – this has been proven by the neighbours cat who jumped into the garden, but when realising it didn’t want to be there any more panicked and tried to jump out but couldn’t! I had to show it the gate. So we have full confidence in Doozer spending time in his garden unsupervised. He sits out there now even when its raining, and sleeps behind a bush where we cant see him, the little rascal! But he always comes in when called and we don’t let him out when we aren’t home, he is fine with that as he is a house cat after all so he has the best of all worlds. He is our world and we couldn’t imagine our life without our little fluffball!

Are there any social media accounts people can use to see more of Doozer?
If you’d like to see more of Doozer’s escapades, you can follow him on instagram @doozerthecat

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