Meet Jojo the super friendly Oriental Cat

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to share something from when we were at the National Pet Show in Birmingham last year. It seems like a long time ago now but the memory of it is still clear.  While we were walking around the various stalls we spotted JoJo (We think that was her name!) from afar as she climbed on top of the TiggaTower scratch tree. As soon as she noticed us looking her way she bobbed her head in our direction as if to say come over and play with me!

It didn’t take us much encouragement so we headed over to see her and as we got closer her head bobbing increased.

As I approached she started loudly demanding some attention!


There were already lots of people around her giving her attention but she still wanted more.


Finally it was my turn to have some JoJo time and she immediately started giving me some friendly head bumps


And I was rewarded with a friendly face rub!


Her fur was super soft and she was one of the friendliests cats we met that day.

We’ll be returning to the National Pet Show at the Birmingham NEC in November this year. I wonder if  Loulou will be there too. This time we’ll be bringing along some catnip and valerian cat toys and our very own Katzenworld merchandise. I’ll make sure we save a little toy for her incase we meet again.

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7 thoughts on “Meet Jojo the super friendly Oriental Cat

  1. Diana says:

    Love Orientals. Course my opinion is not objective. I once had the pleasure of being gifted with the companion of an Oriental. From the first day I met him, at the home of the breeder, to his last breath, will I ever know another soul that was a more loving, social and brave cat.
    Truly part dog. He would greet strangers at the door and chatter his needs and wants as if he knew you forever. He would take walks with me, on leash and off. Never was there more love surrounded by his prescence. From loving water, to friending dogs, to chasing fierce cats twice his size, to enjoying his ever ending love, he will always live on in my heart.
    I continue to wish that his soul be reborn again in another body and that I hear the call of angels to be gifted with his compaionship again.

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