How to Keep Cats Happy and Healthy

Cats may seem like the absolute most free pets, yet they do require some efforts from your end to make great cat residents in your home. They can turn out to be pretty much as steadfast on the off chance that you invest the exertion and a great deal of adoration. Be careful about their health, get deterrent medicines, nourish, and support your feline. Your feline will feel adored and value her place in the family.

Keep Them Groomed

It is not really necessary to bathe some cats unless they get grimy for reasons unknown, at the same time, they are normally great at cleaning themselves. As compared to washing them, it’s significantly more vital to brush and comb your feline routinely to avert ties. Assuming that if you have to bathe the cat for any reason, just utilize a mellow cat cleaner and in a perfect world bathe them no more than once per month. So, make sure you brush or comb them regularly.

Feeding Your Cat

Consult your veterinarian for a good cat food diet particular for your cat. Strictly follow the guidelines displayed on the pack of cat food you selected. Keep in mind the weight, age and activity levels of your cat, these factors influence their feeding generally. Don’t nourish your cat with human food, unless you’ve consulted it with your vet as some of the human food may make your cat extremely debilitated or may be harmful to them.

While feeding, remember cats are carnivores, hence, they need to be fed with animal-derived foods to meet their needs of certain necessary proteins and amino acids. Avoid giving milk as cats have a hard time digesting it. Make sure you have a constant supply of fresh water. Never miss to feed them, you may consider buying an automatic cat feeder and a cat water fountain to do it for you in case you forget to do so.

Play with Them

Cats love to play, so, make time to play with them. It will not only keep them happy but will also make them feel loved and important. Offer them different toys to play with, they like scratching too. You may use different toys like fake mice, feathers or a cat tree. You can keep them healthy this way.

Give Them a Personal Place

Offer your cats a particular private place in your house where she can retreat to sleep or rest. Create a very soft and comfortable place by offering soft pillows and blankets. Make sure you wash these pillows and beddings regularly.

A Litter Box

Set up litter boxes for your cats. And just like us even they prefer cleaner bathrooms, so, do not forget to clean it every day. Dirty litter boxes would repel and compel them to search for a new place and that may not be a good idea. If you have more than one cat keep multiple litter boxes. It is always better to have extra litter boxes. Keep these boxes in a place which is easily accessible to your cats, not in areas that are busy or have heavy appliances nearby as it may scare the cats.

Regular Health Checkups

It is utterly important to take your cat for regular health check ups. It will keep any severe health problems at bay. You may discuss your cat’s habits like the way they meow, eat, act etc with your vet to get better overview of your cat’s health. Mention about any different behavior you notice in your cat. It is recommended to get the old cats examined completely about twice and younger cats at least once in a year.

See, it is that simple. Cats are more than just pets, they are your family members and it is your duty to make them feel like one.



My name is Diana Hutchinson. I am the founder of I have more than 10-years’ experience in nurturing and caring cats. I love them. Since long ago they had been became important members of my family.

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8 thoughts on “How to Keep Cats Happy and Healthy

  1. carrie4myself says:

    Simple advices but important. Thank you
    My cat is nearly 9-10 years old, she had few health issues recently. We found heavy level of creatinine (not yet urea) so need a special diet. But as long as she acts as before and is fed properly and loved it should be ok 😉

  2. Diana says:

    I am a holistic/natural minded person, so my ideas of keeping cats happy and healthy are way off the path of conventional/traditional suggestions.

    I speak to people about their pets and educate them on how to keep their pets healthy naturally.
    This generally includes LESS visits to the vet and taking their advice less, especially when it comes to diet. Vets typically have little knowledge about feline diets and quite often recommend pet foods that they carry and stock in their practice.
    Not to say that Vets are not an important part of taking care of our pets. We most certainly need their expertise, experience & knowledge.

    I highly recommend, for those ready to venture to the natural side of feline health.
    I too have a blog that I have started that speaks about natural health for pets; horses, dogs and cats. It’s fairly new getting started, so not that information yet.
    I have offered several consultations to pet care givers (prefer to avoid the word ‘owner’).

    Ok. Didn’t want to blab on too much. Just another offering and option for healthy cats.

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