Cat Myths & Wall Murals

Hello, Cat Lovers!

The WOW Wall is delighted to be working with Katzenworld contributing to your knowledge on cats and offering some ideas on decorating your walls using wallpaper murals with them!

This month we are going to discuss some cat myths.

Myth 1: Cats have nine lives.


This myth originated from Egyptian gods and because of it, cats were continuously considered to be magical. Apparently, their resilience in surviving falls without enduring much damage did not help with the myth as well.

How about choosing a grunge effect wall mural with a cute pink cat for your wall?

Myth 2: Pregnant women cannot live with cats


Toxoplasmosis is a risk for the fetuses, however; a woman is more likely to catch it from handling raw meat or gardening than from cats. If you are pregnant, you can have someone else empty the litter box or wear rubber gloves and a mask if you have to do it yourself.

Cats are an additional member of the family and therefore, any personal photo of you when you are pregnant; with your precious cat can be a great addition to a wall mural. You can show your newborn how precious they both are to you and display a playful wall filled with images of them together. Let’s make sure the cat doesn’t end up on the roof!!!

Myth 3: Cats purr only when happy


Purring is one of the sounds a cat makes. They also do this while nursing or even at times of contentment. Cats also purr when in pain or if they wish to vocalize things as well.

Personalize your walls with your adorable cat as wall murals and enjoy your living space just as much as you enjoy them.

If you wish to obtain more ideas for decorating your walls, then we have a huge selection for you to pick on. Simply visit the WOW wall or follow us on social media. See you again soon!

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