Angel’s Eyes: A chic bandana for a princess! ;)

Welcome everyone I’m ready to share with you some exciting new pet products that you wouldn’t want to miss. Come follow me outside while I play so I can show you these Pawsome products.

I have on a bandana that is stylish and sporty for that outdoor playtime called Otto it comes in sizes from medium to large and can be for dogs and cats made by Pets by Carvas.

Pets by Carvas is from Miami and all there products are handmade. They put all their time to and talent into every detail that makes their products unique and beautiful. From the little tags on each item with their label on it to picking the beautiful fabric and every charm to adding the extra love and care of their gorgeous bandana, collars and bow ties.

Here’s just one of there bow ties and it’s not just for dogs us cats can wear them too.

I was also lucky to try one of the breakaway collars they make too they come in different colors and patterns to pick from. I know with all my fluff it’s hard to see let me try to show you in another angle.

Maybe you can see this side better of the Fishy Luv by Pets by Carvas.

Here’s some other patterns you could pick from, but don’t forget to check out the others collars on there site too.

The bandana come in different colors and patterns too you can tie them on your pet and wear them different ways or even use it as a bib to help keep your food off your chin . That’s something I’m afraid to admit I do get my gravy all over my chin.

Pets by Carvas makes the best bling for us pets even if you think your cat wouldn’t wear one I can tell you they are light weight that your cat wouldn’t even know it has it on its like wearing a collar.

They also make treats and have other accessories you might want to check out for yourself.

But here’s one thing us cats love… Toys.. If you guessed Pets by Carvas makes cat toys too…

I bet you are excited to go see all the products Pets by Carvas has so I better hurry and give you there links. .But don’t forget to leave me a message I would love to hear what you think .

Talk to you soon,







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