Angel’s Eyes: Feeling pampered with Furbaby FrouFrou

There’s nothing better than pampering your fur babies by giving them the best life from the best foods to dressing them up and boy, do I have some great pampered products for cats or dogs by Furbaby FrouFrou.

I feel like I’m so blessed to able to try this product to share with you all that I feel like a Queen.

History of Furbaby:

Furbaby FrouFrou was inspired by two of my passions … creating with fabric and animals. After having spent more than 20 years in the legal field, the last 10 of which as a criminal prosecutor, I was blessed with an opportunity to pursue new endeavors. With the love and support of my wonderful husband and steadfast friends, I took a leap of faith and launched Furbaby FrouFrou.

Furbaby makes Harness dresses, harness vests, fleece-lined coats, hoodies, pullover shirts and more. They are all handmade and the craftsmanship on these products are beautifully made.

This harness is the pink camouflage it has a leash attachment on the back to hook onto. They make all different colors and patterns from quality material .

This little red number was made especially for me to match Captain Blue Chips boy harness. He sent it to me for my birthday. What a wonderful boyfriend I have. Purr…

The one thing I can say about these handmade harness you cat or dog can move in them without restriction like jumping on a railing. It has strong velcro to adjust and secure it on your pets and it won’t move around when they are playing.

If you would like to pamper your pet and have a special Harness dresses, harness vests, fleece-lined coats, hoodies, pullover shirts or even a bandana then you should go check out these wonderful handmade products following the links below.

Etsy : Click here for their pet range.

Facebook :  Click here for their pet range.

Before you go I would like to hear from you of what you think and don’t forget to like Furbaby FrouFrou Facebook page and of course mine too on Angel’s Eyes -Persian.


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29 thoughts on “Angel’s Eyes: Feeling pampered with Furbaby FrouFrou

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  2. angela1313 says:

    You are a gracious and patient model Angel, as well as a good looking one. My gang won’t wear anything but I have friends with small dogs who get cold and I am going to check out those doggy items.

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