The Vanishing Toys

Several of the cat toys have gone missing. They usually turn up after a few days – under the fridge, behind the furniture, or even placed thoughtfully in my shoes. This time they were nowhere to be seen and I had to rummage in the kitchen drawer and get out the big, wooden spoon. The cats instantly know this means we go ferreting around in their hiding places and their toys are soon extricated, to be carried off once again. This time I only turned up a rather tatty catnip mouse and a lump of polystyrene. You could almost see their little faces fall.

So, seeing as I had recently consigned another toy to the bin (a chirping mouse that had been forever silenced when Bubu decided to drown it in one of the water bowls), I went online and ordered some replacements.

They arrived the other day and the cats all gathered round, knowing that most cardboard boxes contain something for them. They weren’t disappointed and below you can see a video I took the other morning of Bubu and Chai playing with the new Kickeroo.

The way they are going, it isn’t going to last long. One new Trixie mouse has already been laid to rest as DeeDee had been carrying it around non-stop. We found the stuffing all over the dining room carpet and I think I shall soon have to put in a new order…

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32 thoughts on “The Vanishing Toys

  1. weggieboy says:

    I enjoyed the video and note that you will treasure it long into the future! Photos of our fur buddies are nice, but the videos remind us of how they responded to their world and of those things that charmed us while in our lives. (You do a nice job with your blog!)

  2. 49lilykatz says:

    Wonderful, I feel your pain, thanks for this! I bought a bunch of cat toys and a cat tree, and my two little ones like the cardboard box from the cat tree delivery and rubber bands. Go figure. I call it “kitty mind control” of their human.

    • Zooey says:

      We have to be very careful with rubber bands around here. They go in the bin straight away. Cardboard boxes are for playing hide and seek and for chewing to bits 🙂

    • Zooey says:

      Not yet. No doubt they have been pushed too far under the fridge, or hidden under furniture (although I do go round with a little torch from time to time) 🙂

  3. Charles Huss says:

    Toys end up in the weirdest places. Someone pulled off the moving piece to our Cat’s Meow toy. It was missing for a month and we were about to throw the toy away when my wife found the missing piece at the bottom of their toy box. I wonder how it got in there.

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